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I tasted tips from some pine trees, some were very bitter like cedar, these seemed fine I believe they are spruce.

Sampled Nut Brown Ale after 17 days, tasted good and nutty bottled it up, used US05 yeast and well tap water first time.

While splitting hickory wood in backyard there's an aroma of bacon, hmm might try another test batch with hickory wood.


Currently struggling to drink up Oktoberfest to get empty bottles, not a good drink.  Sampled Northwest and it was very good

,going to age that one a bit.

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27 minutes ago, Fire Rooster said:

Put LBK in a location that's 64 degrees.

Today looked inside LBK with flashlight and it looks

like a snowstorm, with white bits flinging everywhere.

I would say that is active fermentation

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It does seem to be therapeutic to watch, but LBK is on a 5' high shelf.

Too tired, old & lazy to stand in basement for hours holding flashlight.


Never split seasoned hickory wood before, have to do a little at a time,

it's like trying to split steel.


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Tasted a sample of first experiment and bottled.  Has promise, not bad

will sample full bottle after 2 weeks conditioning @ 70.


Second experiment.

Added 2 packs booster to 4 cups cold water whisked until dissolved.

Brought to boil added 1/2 cup honey, boiled 2 minutes.

Whisked in 1/2 cup coco powder, removed from heat, covered and let sit 5 minutes.

Whisked in American Ale, and continued with water-LBK routine.

Added Belle Saison yeast. Found spot in basement that stays 63-66 degrees 24/7

When ready to bottle, using 1 teaspoon turbinado sugar & one drop pure cherry extract.  https://www.olivenation.com/cherry-extract.html?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_sKE1L_M2wIVSwOGCh0kmAanEAAYASAAEgIJHvD_BwE


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