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First Batch OF Watermelon Wheat. Advise?

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Just started a batch of watermelon wheat last week. The name sounded interesting to me so I thought I'd give it a try. For those who have brewed this before, how did you like it? Any advice on the process? What's a good amount of watermelon juice to use? Getting ready to add the juice Sunday.

- Thanx -

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Thanx Rick. I also follow a homebrewers thread in reddit. A couple suggestions were posted there that I'd like to know are valid or not. Keep in mind these are not Mr. Beer brewers, just home brewers.

First was to heat to juice to 170 degrees for about 15 minutes to pasteurize it. The watermelon I'm using was pre-cubed at the store. Is this necessary?

Next was a suggestion to create a concentrate by freezing a container of juice. Then inverting it over a jar and allowing the "concentrated" juice to thaw into the jar. Apparently to reduce the amount of water that you add to your brew and enhance the flavor of the watermelon.

Wasn't going to take any of this advice till I checked here.



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Well, how much to use is usually recommended in a recipe.  Brewer's that don't recommend extracts probably haven't used them...


A few  years back, I made a Peanut Butter Stout using extract.  It was great.  I found that my homebrewing store sold LorAnn Oils.  Many of the 5 gallon recipes had you add a dram (.125 oz) per 5 gallon batch.  Note that this is specifically for this brand of extracts, others will be different.


I did some thinking and wondered what the difference was between adding the bottle at bottling time and adding drops to a beer.  I contacted LorAnn and they pointed out that they sell their products for baking usually and that they sell droppers specifically for measuring the flavor.


I bought maybe 8 different flavors, and then brewed a fruit wheat beer but didn't add the fruit.  We put 1-2- drops in the glass, then pour the beer.  Viola!  Raspberry Wheat, Strawberry Wheat, Blueberry Wheat, Peanut Butter Stout...


Note - you cannot leave the dropper in the bottle long term, because the fumes will eat the rubber.  And, over 2-3 years the flavor will dwindle (mine are probably due for replacement).  


Many questions asked have been discussed in the forum in years past.  Type   site:community.mrbeer.com SEARCH TERM in Google.




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The ONLY time you use them is at bottling.  They are designed for batch priming, i.e. adding to the entire batch of beer, then bottling.  


Real fruit has SUGAR.  That has to ferment out before bottling or the bottles will explode.  Extracts have no sugar.  

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