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Long Play IPA Tweaking

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Hey guys,


I just started brewing a few months ago. I have a couple Mr. Beer 2 gallon kits that I've been using so far. My first brew was the Long Play IPA, and it didn't exactly come out like I had expected. I was expecting something more similar to say Founder's All Day IPA. My brew seemed to be lacking a lot of the hop flavor, and was much darker and malty. Was I expecting the wrong thing? Or is it just not really comparable to an All Day IPA?


Next question. I would really like to lighten the next brew, as i have another can of extract. Is there an effective way to do that? I also have some hops I would like to add to give some more of the hop flavor/aroma. What process should I follow with regards to boiling/etc to achieve all the above?


Sidenote: I just finished up a batch of watermelon wheat, also using lactic acid to make about half the batch sour and I was very happy with how that turned out. I wanted to use some food coloring to give it a little pink-ish hue, but just didn't use enough. I'm already hooked on homebrew and can't wait to keep going.  I'd love to get into full 5 gallon kits and experimentation, but figured i should master the extract kits first.


Thanks everyone!

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As far as hop flavor and aroma are concerned, those are either very late boil additions or an addition at flame out. Also dry hopping after active fermentation will  lend some hop flavor and more hop aroma.


As far as lightning your brew,  there's not much you can do with extract brewing. You could use less extract for the same amount  of water, however, that would lend itself to a lower ABV beer. The fresher the extract the lighter the color will tend to be  as the extract tends to darken over time.  With extract brewing I would worry less about the color of your beer than I would about your process. As you move toward all grain brewing the color will tend to be closer to, if not right where you want it to be.

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