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Krausen overflow advice needed

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So my first LBK overflow from krausen. Must have happened yesterday sometime as I had looked in on the kegs the day before. I pulled the keg out of the mini fridge and cleaned up with paper towels and Star San and sprayed the LBK and wiped it down. I checked the top on the LBK and I loosened it slightly in case their was still some pressure or in case the release slots were clogged.


I'm inclined to leave the lid on rather than trying to take the top off and clean the threads on the LBK and risk some dried krausen falling back into the wort. What do you think?


This was weird in that I brewed this batch a week ago and was thinking of dry hopping tomorrow since krausen should be finished but not going to do that now.


What a malty mess that overflow makes!

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1 minute ago, RickBeer said:

Do NOT remove the lid.


Dry hopping should be done at the end of week 2, fermentation is done way before then.  

Thanks, @RickBeer, I appreciate the reply and advice. I'll leave it on until I'm bottled.


I always thought that a higher gravity beer or one with fruit, or sugar might overflow, but this is a 1.055 OG batch that should end up in 5.2% range.

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