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splitting a 5 gallon all grain recipe?

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so i dont have the means to do a 5 gallon all grain recipe. could i split the grain into two 2.5 gallon batch weights and do 2 smaller mashes.. then add the resulting worts?  i know there would be no way of evenly distributing the grain varieties between the batches, so i assume i would have different PH levels in each batch probably.   other than that would it work?


example: recipe 1 has 12 lbs of grain made of 8 lbs base, and 4 lbs specialty grains.   could i stir the grains up to mix them real good then split them into 2 x 6 lb bags of grain... then mash each separately... add the volumes of wort? in theory if i am careful about the PH levels in both i should be extracting sugars are a similar efficiency, and mixing them should produce the same flavor in the end.

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I have the same issue with larger gravity 5 gallon batches.  If you mill your grains or have them milled and then mix them well, you will have no issue doing two mashes.  If the grains are mixed fairly well, even dark grains, your PH differences will be minimal if any at all.  Something  that I would not worry about.


In theory, you could actually mash the base grains and then do a steep with the specialty grains as you would with an extract batch and mix the two resulting wort volumes to make your beginning boil volume.


Make sure to calculate your water volumes on a 5 gallon batch and then divide your mash water and sparge water by 2.  Also, do the same with your water salts for PH adjustments if you use them.


I have not had issues with doing this myself and the beers turned out fine.



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