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Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

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34 minutes ago, Jdub said:

Black Moon Rising

Black Beer'd Porter

Santa Rita Pale Ale

Tangerously Hoppy IPA

El Gordito w/booster and Robust LME pack


I haven't forgotten about that one; I'll be brewing it up once the weather cools and I switch to making lagers.

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19 hours ago, epete28 said:

I think it's funny how nobody can name just one!


Alrighty then, I'll go with Mad Ludwig.  I've probably brewed tastier recipes, but this one turned out great and started me down a path of learning classic German styles including Marzen, Vienna Lager, and Altbier.  In brewing, getting inspired is half the fun so cheers🍻 to Mr. Beer and all their recipes that do just that!

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17 hours ago, planewrench said:

Staggerback Stout

Shillegah Stout

That Voodoo That You Do

Rockets Red Goat's

Vanilla Porter


17 hours ago, Shrike said:


That's one odd autocorrect.  Either that, or you modify the recipe in bizarre ways.  🤩 

Auto correct does some weird things on my phone sometimes. I was trying to type Glare.

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