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Highest Attenuation?

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When I was fermenting Extract batches, my average was 80% with a Saison at 90%.  Extract manufacturers tend to mash at a higher temperature to keep more unfermentable sugars in the wort, so a very dry beer is difficult.


Now I am doing all grain where I can control the mash temperatures and thus the fermentability.  I tend to like my beers dryer so my average now is in the upper 80s with a Tripel a month ago that was at 94% and a Saison before that at 96%.  Belgian yeast  eat everything.😋


Wine and mead is a different story all together.  My last wine was 106%.

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5 hours ago, Creeps McLane said:

You use amylase enzymes in that eh? 


Yep in the brüt IPA. I used them in the mash and in the fermenter. I put in in a secondary on sweet orange peels and it’s like a beermosa. I’ve been drinking it with a splash of OJ in it, too. Goes down way too easily. 😂

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the really funny thing in my opinion about saison yeast is that they seem to be such polite yeast.i never have crazy mad aggressive fermentations with them. they barely make a lot of krausen. it seems they just politely munch and munch and keep munching until your fg is below 1.01 ... and sometimes they keep munching.  An old member here advised on my first saison, on the last week crank up the heat to encourage it to have a final pig out before bottling. dont rush to bottle because they will keep munching and BOOM.



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