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MUG Midwest meeting, 2019 edition, planning phase

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I am currently thinking things over for a MUG Midwest meeting, similar to the one we had this year in Munster IN.  Here are some thoughts:


- Naturally, even though it's "Midwest", anyone/everyone is invited.

- If we get a date and location set up early, more people can participate, including those from more distant locations.

- I'm thinking it should be held in April, like last year.  Most of the snow should be gone from this area by then (although it did snow on us on the day we departed this year)

- We could bring our own beers, but unless we have someone who is BJCP or has similar qualifications, I'm not sure about making it a competition.


Some locations I'm considering are:

- Munster, home of 3 Floyds

- Columbus, specifically https://www.brewdog.com/usa/doghouse

- Cincinnati.  Lots of great breweries there, as well as in Northern Kentucky (specifically Braxton)

- Indianapolis.

- Louisville.  Yes, my home, but I know it well and know the best breweries.


I'm open to other location suggestions.  Also, I know that Louisville has a company that can take us by van to various breweries, so that we don't have to drink and drive.  I'm sure other communities have them as well, or we can hire an Uber van or some other company to truck us around.


Please feel free to post suggestions/comments here, or to me by personal message.

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