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Oktoberfestivus Total ready time

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Good after noon. I do stick to the 3-4-3 method when brewing. However I mis calculated my time frame by a week. I just brewed a batch of Octoberfestivus on Wednesday and in order to have my guests that are arriving December 17 through December 21. Has anyone brewed this recepe before? I was hoping that three weeks in the LBK, three weeks in the bottles, and three days in the fridge would not make that much of a difference in taste. Any input would be appreciated.



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I've never brewed it, but I don't think it'll hurt it too much.  It calls for a pretty short conditioning time.  If it were me and I wanted to serve it to the guests, I'd put some in the fridge the morning of the 14th and try one in the evening on the 16th.  If it tastes good to you, you're all set.  If it's not ready, you can take the rest out of the fridge and let them condition some more and ask your guests how could they forget that THEY were supposed to bring beer?!?  :D





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