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American Ale Ferment Time

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I am back after an 8 year hiatus. The 1st refill kit I am working with is the American Ale without booster. The directions on the can say to ferment in the keg for a minimum of 7 days, then condition in the bottles for 2 weeks. If I remember correctly, all the recipes I used 8 years ago had keg ferment at 21 days. Why is this kit different?

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@Randygto67, welcome back. Everything you know is probably 95% unchanged. The extracts and Coopers yeast Fromdownunder are improvements. The customer support and MrBeer participation in the forums are improvements. The brewing instructions have been an ongoing discussion probably from when you left so many years ago. "Yes, it will make beer", is about as correct as those instructions go. For good beer, the rules of thumb remain unchanged. 3 weeks in the fermenter (preferably at the low end of the yeast's temperature range). 4 weeks at room temperature in the bottle. 

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