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Splitting a batch

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Yes, many people do that. The LBK is a fermenter, so you can brew all the 5 gallon batches you want, and split them between two LBKs filled to 2.5 gallons. 


The LBK is designed to have a gallon of cold water, then hot wort, then more cold water.  You cannot pour hot wort directly into it, you must cool the wort to either pitching temperature, or at least cool enough to not damage the plastic LBK.  I used to do 5 gallon extract batches, which made about 3 gallons of hot wort, added to 1 gallon of refrigerated water in each LBK.  I then cooled the hot wort to the mid 90s, and added it to the 37 degree refrigerator water in the LBK, resulting in low 60 degrees.  You can do a math equation to figure out the weighted average of the temp you will end up with, depending on what you are doing.  


There is no reason to buy "bigger equipment" fermenters.  I have quite a few LBKs, many picked up at clearance sales after Christmas or on Craigslist.  Last fall I had four 5 gallon batches going at once in 8 LBKs.  

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Thanks RickBeer. I thoght it would be ok but wanted to find out for sure if there would be enough room in each. I will be making the 5 gal in my new brew kettle then giving it a ice and water cool down to the proper temp. I wont be doing it right now as i want to brew a few more small batches to make sure im doing everything right first.

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Another split you can do is to get a Cooper's 6 gal HME kit and split to 3 LBKLs. I have done that for several and it works well.

With the splitting, you can also modify the base to make different beers in each split if you want by adding different malt or hop treatments.

Of what Cooper's HMEs I made, I like the Dark Ale and the Pilsner best. There is good info on AU forums too on those. The Pilsner benefits from additional Saaz to my taste.  The Dark Ale is like UK Mild unless you beef it up some.  All the Coopers you need to add some fermentable besides the HME which will only give you 2.5% ABV.  Their recipes do that though.

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