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Sorry for the delay posting this. 

The voting results indicate Cincinnati is the slightly more favored location (I did not vote). @MiniYoda has proposed Thursday June 6 through Sunday June 9 as the dates.

Cincinnati has over 40 breweries with several more located nearby in Indiana and Northern Kentucky. I intend to focus this meeting towards the northern suburbs which in my opinion are some of the better less commercialized breweries. Transportation between locations will be provided. 

I am asking for feedback. I am asking for an idea of who and how many. It's time to finally get this thing movjng forward.

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Finally got my work computer back, and so far it's stable, so I can finally post on the forum.


I should be able to make it, and any weekend is fine.  All I need is about a 2-3 week advanced notice so that I can make arrangements to be gone for the weekend, and get a hotel room.  It would be just me.

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