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Full Mash Kit Instructions Faulty

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44 minutes ago, StretchNM said:

OK. ONE MORE QUESTION (then that's all unless another one pops up).


Since this is only a 1-gallon kit, should I not use the whole packet of yeast? It's US-04.

The whole packet weighs 4 grams.


A standard pack of Safale S-04 is 11.5 g, so it sounds like the supplier of your kit accommodated the smaller batch size and included just enough yeast for a 1-gallon recipe.


Be sure to reread @BDawg62's post above.  Install a blow-off tube, place the fermenter in a tub and let 'er rip.  Active fermentation with S-04 is more than likely going to fill that headspace quickly and then some.

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4 minutes ago, StretchNM said:

My tube is ready as is the airlock after the initial ferment stage! Thanks Bonsai & Brew


4 minutes ago, StretchNM said:

My tube is ready as is the airlock after the initial ferment stage! Thanks Bonsai & Brew


You're welcome.  Did you notice how I let the other guys do all the heavy lifting before I swooped in with the easy part?  Anyway, you've got a lot of us emotionally invested in this brew so good luck!🍻

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On Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 3:29 PM, StretchNM said:

[Now...... this is not a question about a Mr Beer Kit, but rather about another Kit maker's instructions. I debated posting this here in Mr Beer forums, but I don't want to join other forums and if this question is done in bad form, then please delete this thread and I will have no issues.]


Ok. My wife and daughter gave me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I did not know then that they had also bought a little 1-gallon jug Kit. They planned on returning it after they saw and bought the Mr Beer Kit, but then when they saw my excitement, they just kept it and gave it to me for Valentine's Day. Ok, enough of this droning. I won't mention the maker of the Kit, but the initials are Refinery and Co (Heritage Collective).


This 1-gallon jug Kit is pure mash and hops - no extracts. The instructions overall are terribly lacking, but specifically this part (paraphrased):

1) I am to bring 4 quarts to 163-F and steep the grains (no sack) for 60 minutes.

2) Stir every 10 min while maintaining 149-F to 152-F without exceeding 160-F.

3) While the grains are mashing, separately heat another 5 quarts to 180-F.

4) While the grains are mashing separately heat another 4 quarts to 170-F. (<---no, sentences 3 and 4 are not typos).

5) Strain the wort into a separate kettle and sparge the grains with the 170-F degree water.

Now..... the instructions are more drawn out - I am paraphrasing here.


Ok, that's the problem part, the rest is completely understandable (boil, add 3/4 supplied hops in sack for 60 minutes and remainder at flame-out. Rapidly cool to 68-72-F and pour in jug. Pitch yeast and ferment.).



- Is it their typo when they say bring two pots of 5 quarts to 180-F and also 4 quarts 170-F?


- Or...................Do they just want me to have some 170-F water available and then sparge with only a cup or so of it?


- If I add more than a cup or so, I'll have substantially more than a gallon for fermentation, won't I?


- Of course there will be a little loss from the steeping and boiling, but........ 4 or 5 quarts worth?


Since this is a full mash kit, I can't have unexplained stuff like that or maybe I might ruin the batch. I've poured over these instructions several times. Even the parts I understand are written incorrectly and with contradicting repetition. It's no wonder you can hardly find out anything about this company on the internet.


[Again, if asking about this Kit in these forums is "bad form", then please just delete the thread.]


Thank you.

If any one had any doubts, this thread should put their minds at ease. MrBeer kit or not, the collective knowledge in this forum and the willingness to offer help and advice is reassuring. 

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After 3 days in the fridge, I bottled this jug of all-grain Pale Ale tonight. I had to do it the easy way, even though that meant it would be twice as hard. B)


So I got out my LBK and siphoned the Ale from the 1 gallon carboy into the LBK. (OK. I'm probably not going to do that again without investing in an auto-siphon). Then I bottled with a wand from the LBK. The trub in the carboy was fresh but cold, so I won't have it until tomorrow morning when I can warm it.


I managed to get 9 full 12oz bottles. My sample tasted flatly GREAT! I'm eager to see what a month will do to this beer. I NEED success here.


There sure was a lot of powdery stuff at the mouth of the carboy. You can see it in the picture. I'm guessing this is dried out yeast from the krausen? Maybe?






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No dry hopping in this batch, so I guess it is just krausen. Anyway I'm feeling happy at the way my sample tasted so.... I'm optimistic for the outcome.


Again though, this beer will probably be very low in alcohol content, IF my measurement for OG was proper and if I had mixed it thoroughly enough before taking the measurement. I didn't take FG measurement because it didn't matter to me unless I had confidence in the original gravity measurement, which I don't. I mean, taking the measurement was easy enough, of course, but then when it was only 1.022 or so, I realized something was wrong. Something more than just a weak wort. SO we'll see.


Thank you all for the input and encouragement in this thread.

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