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    • Too late, but the sample should have been degassed.  Basically cover the sample tube, shake it like crazy, and let the gas come off the sample, repeating until it's flat.  Then test it.     Of course it could just be the beer gods punishing the OP for making beer with Mountain Dew.  
    • After 7 days of no action after I added a pkt of MRB yeast, I decided to keg the batch. I added 2.25oz corn sugar to the keg and filled it with the beer from the lbk, used bottling wand to reduce 02  ingress.  FG was 1.029.  Should be 5.2% ABV.  I kegged in case it took off after priming. Kegged 10/3  -so far the pressure has not increased above the base of 15 psi.  I 'bottle' all my kegged beer vs forced carb.  If the process works I should see a increase of  keg pressure. I plan on letting sit for 2 weeks to condition, same as I would with bottling. Then move to cold and increase CO2  to 20 psi for another week.  Hydro sample tastes OK, It will be a drinkable beer.. More to come
    • Let us know how it turns out, please.
    • did not think of that. It is sort of carbed  I only tasted the hydrometer sample. Was some foam in the sample. Well it  is not doing anything now, so keep to the plan, go 7 days  then keg it. Might condition OK.  I also took a refractometer reading was 11, way  high also - should be about 4 to 6 - so both devices are affected by something. Both indicating high sugar content.  very strange.  Per MRB FG should be close to 1.009.. but I never get FG according to the MRB recipe sheets anyway. Yes, I know refractometer is not accurate with alcohol content... thanks  RR
    • I wonder if residual carbonation from the Dew is causing an inaccurate FG reading.
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