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    • According to the instructions for the three new "workout" beers from MRB, the Beano is added to the LBK at the same time as the gallon of cold water, before adding in the hot wort.  See Step 10 here.      
    • Before using Beano, make sure you understand what it's doing, when you're using it, and how long it will do what it's doing.   Beano has one of the enzymes that breaks down starches and complex sugars into sugars that are fermentable by yeast.    If you use it before the boil, it will convert starches and unfermentable sugars into fermentable sugars. When you bring the wort to a certain temperature (I forget what it is, but it's below boiling and above temperatures at which yeast survive), the enzyme is deactivated and no more unfermentable sugars are converted to fermentable sugars.   If you try to use it to restart a "stuck" fermentation, then you need to ensure that you denature the enzyme before you bottle. It converts a bunch of starches and unfermentable sugars right away. Then it continues to convert unfermentable sugars, very slowly, until they're all converted. Since this happens really slowly after a certain point, you won't notice a change in hydrometer reading. So you'll bottle. And if you're lucky, you'll get beer stains on your ceiling. If you're unlucky, you'll get bottle bombs. 
    • Yes it does break down otherwise unfernentable sugars. Beer yeast doesn’t always do well with long chain sugars. The beano contains a set of enzymes to help break these long chain sugars into shorter chains that are more easily digestible by the yeasts. 
    • Another interesting brewing thing - Mr Beer's latest Low carb recipes using Beano - 2 tabs per LBK. I never heard of this before. I guess it breaks down the unfermentables in the HME to enable them to ferment, as they manage to get 4% ABV out of just an HME can. It would make a beer that is very low on mouthfeel and body I guess, and low on maltiness.    One recipe also uses steeped oats (no barley) . Does Beano also work on the oat starch - or is this still a potential  target for infection?   What will it do to Booster?   (Looking for analysis before and after enzyme action breakdown.)   Anyone tried this?
    • Cut back the shoots twice and then let the stronger ones grow. This is where theyre at after a lot of rain lately 
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