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    • @Nickfixit, you don't dare question those temperatures. They're playing the "we only claimed it would be beer" game. Disappointing. 
    • If you were going to build this on a MR Beer HME - what would you suggest? I was thinking American Light or Canadian Blonde would take more IBU additions for the character Cluster/Mt Hood Hop additions and the PM grains. So maybe the American Light plus a pack of Smooth LME (Victory and Crystal sub.),  1 oz 6 row + 4 oz Flaked Corn + 1.5 oz Carafa -II  PM, then the hops. 0.5 oz  Cluster 15 min and 0.25 oz Mt Hood 5 min (and take them out? or not?) gets pretty close, ABV 4.83, IBUs 19.3, SRM 13.2. But I am not sure how the flavor will be.
    • 👍 bonsai gets me. That’s a very rare thing
    • Talking of fermentation temps , I was looking at the "Craft Week" Recipes Mr. B has this week, and noticed that all of them say ferment between 70 and76 deg. Seems a little warm for some of them. I am thinking it is just a boilerplate number not catered to the recipe/yeasts - which is a bit disappointing. I am especially intrigued by the Pennsylvania Lager, but I am thinking even for S-04, 70-76 may be a bit high especially as Fermentis says  "ideally 15-20°C (59-68°F)." And this is the Wort temp not ambient. I think I will just keep it at my cellar temp of 62-64 ambient.
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