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  2. As stated above, temperature control will provide the largest and quickest improvement. The other stuff will help but concentrate on temperature control. Dorm fridges are cheap this time of year on FB Marketplace. Even a small one can hold 2 LBK's (which can be used to split a 5 gallon batch).
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  4. Totally didn’t get how I thought it would. Good thing for the disclaimer ahead of time @Creeps McLane
  5. Well, with your fate determined, what are you thinking for style? Maybe a keg of Kellerbier for the summer?
  6. I will be choosing a sling shot im most unfamiliar with. Also, im not that good even with my fav slingshot
  7. I mean, if you’re as good as you say you are, you could call it right now and then hit them later...
  8. Ill shoot after work today probably. No matter what itll be a pale ale, yall know that
  9. I hoping for Pale + Loral with maybe a stray shot of Victory!
  10. The slingshot will decide my next brew
  11. Disagree about bottles. Nothing like waiting a month to try your brew in PET bottles and you discover a bad lid seal and it’s flat. Never has happened to me with glass. I would recommend start collecting glass bottles, a bench capper and an inkbird. If you want to go crazy find a mini fridge to hook it up to.
  12. I can't imagine getting contamination from other items in your fridge, unless you store some awfully unusual things in there.
  13. Different bottles won't affect your quality at all. Batch priming also won't affect quality. Temp control will affect quality.
  14. Yes, they are not using LBKs. No special fridge is needed. Just put it in the fridge. Propped up too.
  15. This. Proper fermentation temperature control was probably the single biggest factor in improving the quality of my brews. I do like bottling in 12oz. glass bottles. I usually use one 500ml PET bottle per batch, just so I can do a squeeze test to see if it's carbonated.
  16. As someone who has only brewed with Mr. beer recipes using the standard LBK and plastic bottles, what upgrade would you recommend for the biggest improvement? Bottling in glass bottles? Looking into batch priming? Temperature controlled fridge mod for consistent fermenting temps? Something else? Ps I did add a hydrometer and bottling wand to my tools recently but always looking to improve my brews.
  17. I’m not following the reasoning people are giving for not cold crashing before bottling. Airlock? Vodka? Are you all using something other than the LBK? I question Cold crashing in my home fridge due to all the different items in there and the possibility of contamination. Is this a valid concern? Worth adding a dedicated mini fridge just for this purpose? though the amount of $$ on a fridge vs the amount of extra beer obtained through cold crashing might not make the investment worth it?
  18. I havent been the most active on here lately. Havent been brewing much either. Perhaps Im letting myself get sidetracked by the current situation at hand. 

    But Im still the same irrational person. Buying things and trying to keep track of myself. Last week I bought a dozen donuts for a machine shop in ID cuz theyre working around the clock to keep up with demand. I got an initial thank you, which was nice. Only cost me $11


    bought that Grain Belt snowboard. Gotta look up the binding thread size to hang it. Probably should be doing that instead of typing about my life on here. 

    wife had / has covid. We were supposed to go to a wedding in Estes Park CO and instead were quarantined. Shes been in bed for days trying to stay away from us. So I have two boys all to myself. Leaning a lil hard on technology and Dragon Ball Super trying to keep them entertained since we cant do anything. Took them up north for a night. That was fun. Just the boys. 

    Thank God for sling shots. Bought a limited edition one. Cost 3x more than my beloved one I own but I owe it to the company. They make outstanding products and I back the companies that back me. 


    I didnt even turn in my competition beer. Strangely enough, the dad of the little girl my Mother in Law watches won. So we know them pretty good. Hes been brewing for 2-3 years now. Good for him. I cant wait to try his beer on tap. 

    my Brother in Law got obsessed with rebuilding his Ruger Charger so of course I had to do one too. Every company is behind. Ordered my stock over a month ago. Hasnt even shipped yet. Itll be a pistol / rifle. Takedown so its a one stop shop, do all kinda firearm. 10” barrel & 18” barrel, red dot, 3x magnifier. Its gonna be fun to bring up north.


    i need to find cheaper hobbies. Trying to make my house my hobby. Get rid of clutter, simplify, be happier. Thats my goal. 







    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      We need to craft another collaboration.

  19. As we approach retirement this summer, and I think about my future home brewing setup, there are a lot of options. We plan on relocating to a warmer climate, and therefore there are big unknowns as to what type of setup I can fit. Currently I do BIAB on our stovetop natural gas stove, and can only do 2.75 gallon batches due to the ability to reach a boil. In retirement, I'll probably want to do 5 gallon batches. Where we're looking at retiring to it's very likely that we'll have propane - for heating, possibly for cooking. Natural gas is rare there. And of course I can go electric. We're very focused on our impact on the environment, as well as ensuring that I understand the cost of any option, including energy (I don't today, no idea how much natural gas I use in the brewing process). Where we're moving to the electricity is created by water power (dam) and nuclear, so it's very "clean energy". Also happens to be cheaper than here in Michigan where it's natural gas-created electricity. Wondering if anyone that has used an electric system has hooked up a Kilowatt or other measuring device to know how many kWh they are using during brewing? Or, anyone with a propane burner that has somewhat accurately determined the amount of propane they are using? I'll likely have a large propane tank for the house that I can utilize. Thanks for any input. I'll also be moving from well water to city water, so I'll a) need to get it analyzed and b) no longer have "free" water. I plan on utilizing lake water for cooling via my wort chiller if possible. All sprinkler systems are powered by lake water, figure it will be easy to setup a spigot for this.
  20. Great advice. The proper way to pour a beer is 1/2 down the side, then the remaining 1/2 down the center, to create the head. Of course for some beers they are too carbed to accomplish the 2nd half of that. Hefeweizen is intended to be more highly carbonated than other beers. But you used the same carb drops, so... Be careful on the opening and letting the bottle sit. I've had brews where if I let it sit more than 10 - 20 seconds, the bottle contents start rising up and the bottle overflows.
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