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  2. Never done it but I don't see what it would hurt.
  3. Any harm in adding lactic acid a few days early so it can spread around? Other recipes that use it like grapefruit gose from Mr Beer have you put it in a few weeks early.
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  5. If you read the cold crashing thread, that question is answered right at #1. 1) When your beer is ready to bottle (determined by waiting 3 weeks and or testing with a hydrometer and getting matching readings 48 hours apart), pick up the LBK.
  6. I bought the porter & Diablo ipa separately so booster came with porter. I won't use. Great Thanks !!
  7. It's odd they included them as the recipe doesn't list them under the ingredients. It's up to you whether to use them or not. Each will add about 0.65% ABV. Personally, I wouldn't as the recipe as is is already 8.4% ABV.
  8. Rick, I recieved 2 booster packs with my porter (HME) to make the Gila. Should I use them, Both? I planning to brew this weekend. Also thanks for tip of Cold crashing, Should I ferment for full 21 days then crash? Thanks Darren 🍺
  9. No. If you use an EXCESSIVE amount of yeast in a batch (that's not excessive), you run the risk that the yeast get lazy and don't do their job. Use it all, don't worry about it.
  10. Rick, If I use the whole pack, Is there anything that could go wrong? If using 1/2 is the correct amount, I don't mind tossing out the rest. I really want to nail this batch. I'm looking forward to a Great Black IPA!! Thx Darren 🍺
  11. Yes. The whole packet is designed for a 5 gallon batch. The amount of yeast in that packet is roughly 4x the amount in a Mr. Beer yeast packet. Therefore, you could easily use 1/2 of it and save the rest for another batch. PROBLEM - how to keep the yeast from being contaminated and ruining the next batch. So use the entire packet. 😀
  12. Thank you Rick for quick response. I have another question. In the details of Gila monster it says to us US-05 yeast instead of what comes with brewing extract. Sould I go with US-05 Whole pack? Thanks Darren🍺
  13. Welcome Darren. You'll want to leave the hop sack in the fermenter the entire time. One option, when you bottle, is to use a pair of sanitized tongs to quickly remove the hop sack, and then put the lid back on. A better option is to cold crash, after ensuring the hop sack is at the back of the LBK. See my post regarding cold crashing. Also, for best results, follow the 3-4 rule. 3 weeks in the fermenter, 4 weeks in bottles. When fermenting, ideally you don't want the beer to get warmer than the high 60s, mid 60s is better. After bottling, keep the bottles at 70 or low to mid 70s for 4 weeks, then refrigerate for at least 3 days before drinking. Again, read some of the posts listed in my signature.
  14. I'm new to brewing beer. I'm on my 3rd try with Mr. Beer. I got the Diablo IPA for Xmas. I want to make the GILA Monster Black IPA. I have the Instruction, the question I have is.... Do I leave the hop sack in the fermenter and or how long. Lagunitas NightTime black IPA was one of my Favorite beers!!! Thx Darren🍺
  15. When I brew it I plan on adding it about an hour before bottling.
  16. I am brewing the sunshine Mango Sour recipe. It says to add the lactic acid "right before bottling". That wouldn't seem to give it enough time to difuse in the fermenter among all the beer. I am thinking of adding it a day or two before bottling. Any suggestions?
  17. Multi Grain Cheerios are showing some potential. With amylase enzyme on the left. Gravity reading 1.035 using my spectrometer. Hot water control sample on the right. Gravity reading of 1.013 from the coating on the cereal.
  18. Going to take a shot at gluten free brewing this weekend. Starting with MrBeer's Mocha-Choca Oatmeal Stout. While that one is boiling I'll be experimenting with some gluten free grains and other potential sources of sugars.
  19. Brew day tomorrow! Water additions weighed out, grains crushed, kettle cleaned and filled, controller programmed, and set to go for Thursday morning. Lol, couldn't figure out at first why my grain mill wasn't crushing the grains. Turned out my Golden Promise kernels were too fat for the roller gap. Once I mixed in some of my Briess 2 row, and my other grain additions in with it they crushed just fine. I have some hops to use up so it's going to be an IPA with Warrior for bittering, 15 minute addition of Citra and Idaho7, then whirlpool additions after flameout of Galaxy, Mosaic, and El Dorado. IBU's show around 79, and ABV should be about 6.3%. 5lb each of Golden Promise and Briess 2 row, 1lb. Munich, 1/2 lbs each of C-40 and wheat. It'll be my last brew day for 2020.
  20. I see I was called for an opinion on BRY-97. I used it in Cream Ale, Wit and IPA Cream ale was initially butterscotch taste, but cleaned up then just corn - so meh. Wit was dryish and OK I?PA was very nice very fruity - I used some NZ hops. (The ? denotes fairly low IBUs, I used 3 oz. hops in 2 gal for late boil, flameout and dry hop adds.) So I would say Go for it. I think it gets good reviews in Biotransformation so may accentuate fruity hops flavors.
  21. Have clogged my racking arm many times. That can be a mess! But more hops so worth it.
  22. Looks like a lot of hops. When it finalized, double the late additions. Cant go wrong with more hops. Unless you clog your valve ports, eh @Jdub?
  23. Hop shipment today, so now just need to flesh out the recipe. Will be a Pale Ale most likely with some nice aroma whirlpool additions of Galaxy, El Dorado, and some Amarillo and a little Citra.
  24. Ok the beer in the bottles is super cloudy and developing the film on top. Probably gonna pop the lid and throw these out.
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