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  2. Party at @Creeps McLane's house!!
  3. I also have 10 lbs caramunich 10 lbs carafa II 5 lbs flaked oats 15 lbs roasted barley 5 lbs victory 7 lbs rye malt 30 lbs white wheat possibly 22 lbs of acidulated. I think I double ordered that one
  4. And you think 100lbs of malt is enough?
  5. Everything west of the silver packs are unopened.
  6. i need to get to brewing. been a lazy butt lately when it comes to brewing plus I want the weather to be a bit cooler for outside brewing. and i started a business this year and that has taken most of my time as it should. still have 2 on tap in the keezer, but they're about to run out. just my friday rant, sorry!
  7. Soooo...which hops are in the freezer??
  8. Just bought: 50lbs vienna 50lbs pale malt 12lbs acidulated 12lbs munich gonna start doing smash beers. Empty the hops in the freezer.
  9. RickBeer

    Older grain

    It's fine. In fact, milled grain would also be fine if it was kept airtight and in a cool environment (most say 3 months at least). Unmilled grain will store for a year in sealed containers.
  10. Jdub

    Older grain

    I have a sack of unmilled grain I’ve had for about 3-4 months. Does it lose any of its fermentable properties over time? Or is it milled grain that has a short shelf life?
  11. I finally made it. The big time lol


  12. Got sent this today


  13. 2020 has been a very strange year. Prost
  14. I saw that and was quite surprised. Mini on FB? NO WAY! 🙂
  15. ok, sent this recipe to Facebook........let's see what they say
  16. Sometimes im just a storage unit for my friends nice things


  17. Maybe @Nickfixit will have an opinion as well.
  18. I like it because it’s not US-05.🙂With a west coast Amber ale currently fermenting with BRY, I’m expecting a neutral flavor profile that lets the malt character dominate.
  19. http://brulosophy.com/2015/06/01/safale-us-05-vs-danstar-bry-97-exbeeriment-results/
  20. When I brew I toss the expired ones into the water as it comes up to a boil. The boiling water kills them and they become nutrient for the yeast I actually pitch. Welcome to the forum!
  21. Any ideas on using up the unused yeast packages (from under lid)?
  22. I'm thinking of using it instead of US-05 in a pale ale I'll be brewing in a few weeks. Anyone brew with it? Thoughts? Likes/dislikes? I did a search for it on here and most of the mentions of it are from seven-eight years ago.
  23. What about WTFHocket Go Roggen Pale Ale?
  24. Damn. After reading all of that I forgot what the question was. 😄
  25. Sugar is sugar. Honey, brown sugar, white sugar. The more sugar you added, the drier the beer.
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