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  2. 2020 has been a very strange year. Prost
  3. I saw that and was quite surprised. Mini on FB? NO WAY! 🙂
  4. ok, sent this recipe to Facebook........let's see what they say
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  6. Sometimes im just a storage unit for my friends nice things


  7. Maybe @Nickfixit will have an opinion as well.
  8. I like it because it’s not US-05.🙂With a west coast Amber ale currently fermenting with BRY, I’m expecting a neutral flavor profile that lets the malt character dominate.
  9. http://brulosophy.com/2015/06/01/safale-us-05-vs-danstar-bry-97-exbeeriment-results/
  10. When I brew I toss the expired ones into the water as it comes up to a boil. The boiling water kills them and they become nutrient for the yeast I actually pitch. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Any ideas on using up the unused yeast packages (from under lid)?
  12. I'm thinking of using it instead of US-05 in a pale ale I'll be brewing in a few weeks. Anyone brew with it? Thoughts? Likes/dislikes? I did a search for it on here and most of the mentions of it are from seven-eight years ago.
  13. What about WTFHocket Go Roggen Pale Ale?
  14. Damn. After reading all of that I forgot what the question was. 😄
  15. Sugar is sugar. Honey, brown sugar, white sugar. The more sugar you added, the drier the beer.
  16. @Spoodge, welcome to the forum. Welcome to the obsession.
  17. Got a little overzealous and hit the road to the LHBS, only to find out it is closed on Tuesdays. I'll likely go tomorrow though. I'm on the lookout for the new Lallemand Philly Sour yeast, so hopefully they have it. I'm planning a Berliner Weisse with it.
  18. Got in a shipment from MRB yesterday, so revised my schedule: - Semi-SMASH - Flatiron Trail Ale - Crafty Bitch Zythos - Egocentric Jerk - Pint of Sunshine Belgian Ale - Hidden Lake Amber Ale - Santa Rita Pale Ale - Lucky Charms Stout
  19. That's what matters... Enjoy it! And brew!
  20. Long Story: Two saturdays (brew day) ago, I was really tired. Sunday, even more tired. Monday, tickle in my throat. Tuesday, sore throat. Wednesday, I left work. Theres about 400 signs posted saying that if youre sick, they dont want you there. Got tested for Covid that day. Thursday off while I waited for results, Friday I stayed home even though I knew I was negative but they didnt... Monday, went into work. Actually got walked out because I still had "symptoms". Told not to come back until I am symptom free. So I took today, Tuesday off as well since Im still coughing up shit and throat is a little scratchy. Just got off the phone with my boss, told me not to come in tomorrow and he'll call me tomorrow to discuss what Thursday holds. So, my work is telling me to stay home. Allegedly people are mad that I even tried to come back Monday despite a negative Covid test. This is a place where I told my supervisor I was sick and was going straight to the ER while im almost in tears and had almost fainted a few moments before and all he told me was "go take a shit, youll feel better.". The same place that punishes you for calling in sick by forcing you to work later on Fridays. Now my boss is like "under no circumstance do we want you here if youre sick". "If youre trying to come back for financial reasons, we will give you a pay day loan". I mean, Im glad Im being encouraged to stay home if I am not well. However, I never thought Id be forced to stay home like this. Im sure things will calm down in November, but hopefully a little bit of this concern for the employees health stays. And honestly, Ive put it off long enough. Freaking 7 days off and I havent brewed!!!! That changes tomorrow. If not right now! Oh and I get to see my boys off to their first days of school tomorrow!
  21. For my next Pale or IPA, next in line after my Altbier.
  22. New brew set up. Limited on overhead space (I always really was).  Knew what I needed but didnt want to spend that much on it.  Guess what?  Its on sale!!! Was $65 and is now $23!!! Sentinel Boil Over Minder is a great way to drain a BIAB Bag if you have to walk away



  23. I only added 1 pound which was about 2 cups.
  24. There is no reason to start that warm. 64-72 range. https://wyeastlab.com/yeast-strain/british-ale Downloading QBrew will allow you to see the impact of adding two pounds of sugar to your recipe. This will be a very dry beer
  25. I used about 2 cups maybe just a little more so that sounds about right. I’m looking forward to the taste test. After letting sit all afternoon at a room temp of 76* to help the yeast get rolling, I’m dropping it down To 68* to make the yeast happier.
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