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  2. I'm brewing Farro Grande Grisette and giving a little love to Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast [07APR2020].
  3. Having a Same Ol' Schtick with my pizza, 🍻's to Altbier!!
  4. Indeed! I'd never heard of the style until @Bonsai & Brew , and now it's really my fav amber to brew.
  5. I've never used the K-97 before but do have some as backup for my Wyeast 1007. I ferment my Alts at 61-62 range. Since I bottle I dont know about the keg stuff, but I find they're great to drink two weeks after bottling. My favorite recipe is Maris, Munich, Pils, pale chocolate, Carafa II, and CaraAmber. However, the Dusseldorf recipe on Briess Malting is very very good and probably the more traditional recipe. For variation I'll make that recipe next time. No matter which, its a great beer style and every variation I've made got great comments from friends that tried it. I think it'll be a regular in your queue rotation @Jdub!
  6. And FYI, I think @Bonsai & Brew is the Alt King lol
  7. I only have one instance of experience to refer to, but I really feel like it's a moneymaker to allow it some extra Lager/conditioning time. It was difficult then and probably would be more difficult now to put that into practice though!
  8. used K97 German Ale yeast. fermenting at 65 degrees in my ferm fridge. we'll see how the finished product turns out. i was going to follow the normal ale schedule: 2 weeks ferm and one week in the keg. perhaps i should consider letting it sit in the keg for awhile longer to condition. all i have to go by are @Cato's pix of his altbier. looks good!
  9. What yeast are you using and fermenting at? Mine was more coppery, with a touch of roasty and sweet. I like how the cooler fermentation equates to s cleaner beer. I lagered mine in the cold garage for 30 days during the winter, before I had the fermentation fridge. I'm really excited about making an all grain version.
  10. well the wort smelled great! dark and toasty just like i imagine it will taste.
  11. I'm looking to try my hand at another Alt this fall. My first attempt was extract and bottle carbed all to hell, taking away from a promising beer. I don't have many (any) references either, but I do know like the style.
  12. went with the Altbier. mainly b/c i've never brewed one before (or drank one to my knowledge). wort tastes dark and roasty. this is gonna be good.
  13. thinking about brewing in the morning. can't decide between a citra hop bomb dipa, or an Altbier that I got all the stuff for.......#homebrewindecision
  14. Had a Pink Boots White IPA with supper -- half Belgian Witbier and half American IPA. I like it!
  15. Earlier
  16. I used a 3 piece airlock for the first time recently on my Night Moves PA and it worked great. I hadn't cold crashed in sometime due to suckback from the blowoff jar. This time I did cold crash as I had a big dry hop and a bit of wheat in my recipe. The airlock did suck back a little of the vodka, but it was a miniscule amount and I left the airlock in place when i bottled and I was very pleased how that went as well. I would only go back to a blowoff jar if I maxed the fermenter capacity and expected some krausen overflow.
  17. And with that, brewing at Copper State with my Dad is scheduled! Super excited. Probably wont even hit me until im walking in.
  18. Update: Melon Wheat. If I didn't tell you first that there is a slight hint of melon aroma, you probably would not notice it. Pretty tasty though...
  19. @Bonsai & Brew I've become a big fan of Mangrove Jack especially their M44 West Coast yeast. Fermentis has always been reliable and I can't leave out Nottingham, which has always been a great performer.
  20. I've had pretty good luck with them but have only ever used their 1007 for my Alts. My supplier sends them with a freeze pack. I had one dud that arrived warm but the others have been fine. I have 2 in the fridge now, both 1007 and will use one for an Alt and the other for a Wit.
  21. Wow. I wish I could say glad it's not just me. Thing is, if I had to worry about a profit margin with my homebrewing, having to pitch backup yeast every other 2-gallon batch of beer would certainly blow it. Anyway, with a couple more Belgian-strain smack packs on order, I'm not ready to give up on Wyeast just yet. Thank goodness for Mangrove Jack's and Fermentis though.
  22. Yes you can twist the bag some but to do so that gets sticky too and you also start twisting the pulley rope, so its not really too productive.
  23. I use a 10 gallon cooler mash tun and have never attempted BIAB. Are you able to twist your bag rather than trying to squeeze it? Asking because I don't know.
  24. I have had nothing but crap Wyeast smack packs. All of them well within their best viability dates. I've got two different local stores. I get better results from White Labs, Imperial, Omega or dry. If I can make a starter, I will.
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