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  2. As Shrike pointed out, Mr. Beer recipes require no cooling of wort.
  3. Q: When you are cooling your wort to get it down to the temp to add the yeast, how long does it take you? A: If you are brewing a MRB recipe and adding fridge-temp water to the LBK before pouring in the wort you should be right around optimum pitching temperature. Q: What is an acceptable amount of time? A: The longest I've had to chill wort is about an hour. That was NOT for a MRB recipe, though. Q: How long is too long? A: Answers vary to that one, but if you follow good sanitation procedures you probably don't want to wait anymore than 12 hours or so to pitch the yeast. I always try to pitch at no warmer than 72F. Then the LBK goes into my fermentation fridge and sits at 65F (Wort temp, not air temp) until high krausen is over.
  4. When you are cooling your wort to get it down to the temp to add the yeast, how long does it take you? What is an acceptable amount of time? How long is too long? I am trying to cool mine quickly but I may be pitching the yeast when it is still too hot. I get plenty of yeast action, that is not the problem, it seems however I am still getting a bit off an off taste. A little sweet & tart flavors. Thanks
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  6. Probably want to someone research before dumping a batch of yeast that includes a bunch of dead cells and trub and possibly ruining a batch.
  7. New to re-using yeast. Plan is to just dump this into my next batch. A SMASH Citra IPA. Store in refrigerator till needed Collected by tossing trub, collected in the jar, till yeast started to appear.
  8. Syncman, it's your thread of course, but if you or others are willing, I'd sure like to hear the harvesting and saving process in a nutshell.
  9. If thats yeast and not proteins and hops then hell yeah it is!!! Even if there is some proteins in there, im sure theres enough yeast for 2.5 gallons.
  10. Collected this yeast [US-05], in my 3 gal Fastferment. Is it sufficient to use in another 2.5G batch?
  11. ---looks up, re-reads--- Oops, not a question, just a response.
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  13. I was joking that he was asking a question to a four-and-a-half year old post.
  14. Contrary to popular belief, the Reinheitsgebot wasn't Germany-wide. It only applied to the state of Bavaria. That's why you don't see those other German styles complying with the law.
  15. Hey, I'm still paying attention even though I don't post as much.
  16. I'm about to try making this beer myself. If nothing more, the instructions are on the can. But Rick's right, all MRB instructions are on their website. I always download them when I make them so I have them permanently in my folder.
  17. @NwMaltHead hasn't been on the forum since March. He usually visits, posts for a few days, then is gone like the wind for a while.
  18. http://support.mrbeer.com/support/solutions/articles/13000050681-churchill-s-nut-brown-ale-craft-refill
  19. ???? https://www.mrbeer.com/churchills-nut-brown-ale
  20. Does anyone have the Instructions or specs for Churchills Nut Brown Ale. I cannot find them anywhere
  21. Josh will reply to you in 4.5 years. 😜😆
  22. Hi Josh, Thanks for the recipe. It's been a while since I did some brewing, things dropped off the map not long after my post. I've got a hankering to start up again. This will have to wait until the winter since I don't have anywhere at a stable 65-70F with the Texas heat. I'll maybe tap you for some clarifications when I get the stuff together to give it a go. Thanks, Nigel
  23. Heres the extract beer i brewed last night. There is hip hop involved. Be warned


    Split Batch Hoppy Pale (E)


  24. I have used the white labs hefe yeast and will again this weekend. I use this as the base beer for my pawpaw Heffeweizen. I still have 2lbs of frozen pawpaws in the kitchen freezer. SWMBO has requested I use them a.s.a.p.
  25. Pulled 7,000 weeds just now. I avoided all the maple tree sprouts. Maybe ill save them and sell for $10 a piece in fall. Little side action...
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