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  2. i use clear plastic bottles from carbonated water. if i see bubbles forming on the surface of the beer it's a safe bet i have a pressure leak developing. most of the time it's caused by me screwing the caps down too hard and damaging the cap top where it is fused to the sides. i've had a bottom blow out once.. WHOOSH! BOOM YIPPEE! russian imperial stout all over the wall...ceiling... fun cleaning it up. your paper towel collar is a very clever idea.
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  4. Right. I went through this elaborate process of making paper towel collars for the stored beers. When I find the culprit, I will throw away those caps (after I drink the beer). It is probably time to replace them anyway.
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  6. Fixing Less than Ideal Beer


    1. Jdub


      i especially liked the empty jester king bottle in the background....LOL

  7. i think you could easily identify which bottle leaked b/c of stick beer residue on the side of the bottle. check it out and throw that bottle/cap away (after drinking the beer).
  8. I am thinking that your deformed caps are either a bad batch or you are seriously over-carbonating to deform them. Either way replacing the caps looks like a fix. Did you have any really highly carbonated brews?
  9. I observed some caps that had a definite convex curve after a few weeks of carbonation. I think the pressure was enough to deform the cap, breaking the seal allowing the beer to vent. Once the pressure decreased, it formed a seal again.
  10. They should not vent from the caps unless the cap is defective. If they bottle feels firm, then it should not have a leak. Sometimes a PET bottle will blow out the bottom (ask me how I know, then ask me again). Storing them in a plastic container (with lid) is a safe bet (ask me how I know that too).
  11. I would just take the rings off and see if that fixes it, if not, try to isolate the bottles so you can tell which ones do it then replace them as you suggest. You could also try just using new caps (minus the ring).
  12. welcome back to the forum @Marius!
  13. I remember that, but it had more to do with the ring on the cap that prevented bottles from tightening. This is a little different in that they are tight and carbonating. I’m just find my bottles in a puddle of beer with no sign of how or where it is coming from. I am going to keep watch and just throw away the empties after I drink the beer of course.
  14. i know early 2018 mrb posted that there were some failures with some of their caps and were offering to switch them out. i switched to 12 oz glass shortly after.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I have been preparing for the possible explosion, but this has me stumped.
  16. Plastic bottles can vent from the cap, releasing some pressure and beer.
  17. Tomorrow is the 7th annual kubbapalooza party we throw. I have to clean some tap lines, print some keg labels, and get all the grilling stuff together. Im expecting about 20 people, so 10 teams in the double elimination tournament. Weather looks great, beer is tasting good, hopefully we dont have to fight for a pavilion. Ill keep yall posted

  18. Has anyone had this problem? I have a large plastic container where I keep my beer, just in case of a gusher. Twice, I have found beer at the bottom of the container, but cannot find which beer is leaking. All the bottles are still very stiff and full. The bottles and caps are over a year old and have been reused a few times. Can bottles leak from the bottom or top without fully blowing up or losing carbonation?
  19. On a different note - did you notice that Mr B now includes TWO LMEs with the Deluxe refills?!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Yay - "Pinetop the Elevated Beer. …...You have to be high to get it" No - wait a minute - that does not sound right. lol.
  21. He suddenly stopped posting here about two years ago. I always wondered what happened; he always had good info and posts to share.
  22. old thread, but i say go for it! better beer awaits! hopefully the OP was convinced to upgrade 3 yrs ago....LOL
  23. Yeah, I highly recommend some 2-row or 6-row for this recipe. Otherwise, the corn won't convert and it will result in starchy beer.
  24. I remember thinking when this recipe first came out that I need to brew it. Since it appears to be a post-MRB Josh R recipe, I wonder if he might recommend mashing a little 6-row along with the flaked corn/carapils and fermenting cool with a California lager yeast rather than S-04. I guess the only to find out is to @JoshR.🍻
  25. Next is he Pennsylvania Lager Mr B recipe after I bottle the Belgian Ale.
  26. nice, no thanks to me. you're the one doing it and making good beer. keep up the good work! i may copy your recipe....LOL
  27. Changed to Caramel 120L before ordering today. This will be my 14th All Grain, thanks to you. Goal is to get a crisp hoppy taste, good malt character, mild bitterness, and a lower ABV. Don't dry hop anymore, here is the hop schedule. a. 60 min = .5 Centennial-Pellet b. 10 Min = .5 Citra-Cryo c. 05 Min = .5 Citra-Cryo d. Flame Out = 1 oz Citra-Cryo e. 120 Deg = 1 oz Citra-Cryo
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