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    • Beer - even marginal beer - makes a good marinating liquid, especially when there are lots of spices in the marinade.
    • Only the brewer knows when it’s time to dump the beer. My advice: drink faster lol
    • i took a sip out of most when I was pouring them out and they were pretty bad. i really don't cook with beer alot unless i'm making chili and i'll just use some fresh. was a shame to dump all that beer. at least makes room for more.
    • Are they too bad for a brat bath on the grill or some other cooking use? Did you try all of them and none are worth drinking? That’s a lot of cooking beer lol. I’m sure others will have some more interesting uses. 
    • hey, i have several cases of mostly MRB brew in glass bottles. it has been sitting upstairs in our playroom at ambient temp for at least a few years now. I opened a few some time ago, and discovered that they don't age well. Should I just start throwing them out? I put so much effort into them (well....a little effort) that I don't want to waste them. Not sure what to do. Can't see myself choking them down if they've gone bad.
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