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    • all's fine, i have fermentation! thanks for all the advice.  
    • what @Shrike is saying is correct. porter is an ale, and if you have an inkbird, i would turn the temp down a bit. 
    • I just finished making the brew - I have the inkbird set to 70 for fermentation.  The temperature currently reads 81, so the fridge has its work cut out!   does that sound ok?
    • Don't go by how long you have stored the yeast (assuming that was what you meant by "a year old"), use the packet date code. You can check the Mr Beer yeast  by the packaging  date code on  the packet   day and year, formatted DDDYY. My last Churchill NB Ale end of life can had a 2016 dated yeast. I did substitute a different yeast  (London ESB). I did throw the can yeast in the boil. However, you have to figure that Mr Beer would package yeast that would still be viable enough by the HME best-by date. You also have to consider though if it has a viable  low number of yeast cells, then it will be in growth phase longer and will make much more flavoring which may not be what you want. As mentioned above, if you do use the can yeast and get no action in a day or 2 you  can put a newer yeast in as well.  
    • that's the info i needed. i've made 4 batches of mrb extract, and a few using extract and grain. i still use an ice chest and frozen bottles for temp control. i've been very happy with the beer so far.  thanks So much for your input....i hope the yeast works... i'll know tomorrow.
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