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    The slingshot will decide my next brew
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    I mean, if you’re as good as you say you are, you could call it right now and then hit them later...
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    Different bottles won't affect your quality at all. Batch priming also won't affect quality. Temp control will affect quality.
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    This. Proper fermentation temperature control was probably the single biggest factor in improving the quality of my brews. I do like bottling in 12oz. glass bottles. I usually use one 500ml PET bottle per batch, just so I can do a squeeze test to see if it's carbonated.
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    As stated above, temperature control will provide the largest and quickest improvement. The other stuff will help but concentrate on temperature control. Dorm fridges are cheap this time of year on FB Marketplace. Even a small one can hold 2 LBK's (which can be used to split a 5 gallon batch).
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    Totally didn’t get how I thought it would. Good thing for the disclaimer ahead of time @Creeps McLane
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    Well, with your fate determined, what are you thinking for style? Maybe a keg of Kellerbier for the summer?
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    I will be choosing a sling shot im most unfamiliar with. Also, im not that good even with my fav slingshot
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    Ill shoot after work today probably. No matter what itll be a pale ale, yall know that
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    I hoping for Pale + Loral with maybe a stray shot of Victory!
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    Disagree about bottles. Nothing like waiting a month to try your brew in PET bottles and you discover a bad lid seal and it’s flat. Never has happened to me with glass. I would recommend start collecting glass bottles, a bench capper and an inkbird. If you want to go crazy find a mini fridge to hook it up to.
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    I can't imagine getting contamination from other items in your fridge, unless you store some awfully unusual things in there.
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    Chromos is probably my favorite MRB lager recipe. My fourth batch of it is brewing right now. It's very smooth and balanced. As a side note: I live in the Deep South so only brew lagers during the winter when the temps drop. I ferment lagers usually at 54-55F. Once bottled, I store them in an old wine fridge I picked up a few years back; I set the temp set at 54F. I let them lager in there for three or four months before starting to drink them. If I had a basement I'd just put them down there. There have been times when I was overstocked on lagers and had to let a batch condition at room temperature, which reached as high as 73F. Although not ideal, I didn't notice any deterioration in the quality of the beer.
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    Working on a gluten free golden ale using Multi-Grain Cheerios for part of the wort. That's 4 lbs of Cheerios in 6 quarts of water at 145 degrees with amylase enzyme. The gravity of the clear liquid was 1.056... Looks appetizing doesn't it?
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    I'd go with a quality grain crusher or maybe a 3-year AHA Membership, including the print copy of Zymurgy. Congrats!
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    This one's for you, @MiniYoda. I've never been to Kentucky but they tell me that this was a popular style back in the day. Hop times are 45, 15 and 5 minutes. This tasty all-grainer turned out great but I'll find out at Sunday's Lost Cabin Homebrew comp if it appealed to BJCP judges. Entered in the historical category, they will probably group it with other Amber/Common-type beers for judging. I'll follow up with a score then. 🍻 Dark Cream Ale (2-gallon, Mash-in-Sack) Rahr 6-row, 2.25 lb. Flaked corn, 1 lb. Briess Victory malt, 0.12 lb. Briess Crystal 60, 0.12 lb. Weyermann Carafa II (Special), 0.04 lb. Mt. Hood, 0.25 oz. Cluster, 0 25 oz. Mt. Hood, 0 25 oz. Safale K-97 German Ale yeast Step mash grains 20 min. @ 132 F followed by 40 min. @ 152 F, adjusting pH to 5.3 with lactic acid (if necessary). Mash out @ 168 F for 10 min. Sprinkle sparge grain bag with hot tap water. Begin 45 min. boil, hopping as indicated. Chill wort to < 70 F. Pitch K-97, areate, and ferment cool for 2 weeks. Cold crash is optional. OG 1.043 IBU 19 SRM 12-14 ABV 4.5 - 5%
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