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    Only the brewer knows when it’s time to dump the beer. My advice: drink faster lol
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    I haven't had twang since I started fermenting on the cooler end of the yeast's range. But MRB is also saying that pitching extra yeast (if using the 5g Cooper's yeast) can eliminate it. All of these use 11g packets so twang shouldn't be an issue. They have them for 10% off through today so I ordered the NEIPA and Tricycle Red Ale and also got free shipping.
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    Beer - even marginal beer - makes a good marinating liquid, especially when there are lots of spices in the marinade.
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    MRB released six new recipes that use Cooper's UME and no HME.
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    For some who weren’t around during the “ Seasonal “ craft beers that I miss dearly, Hellesbock, ESB, Dortmunder ( my fav.), Imperial Ale, Australian Sparkling Ale, and others I can’t remember. They were the One Step above the Craft Brews you buy now. Can the Old Guys who were here during the Seasonal days remember the others?
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