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    I have been brewing with Mr. Beer a very long time, and I recently learned of tilting the keg backwards during fermentation. I can not wait to try this. Historically, on bottling day I would tilt the back end of the keg up with a bar-tending book I had nearby my bottling site. I have always said I was going to build a more permanent ramp. I came up with this cheap design ( two old cookie sheets and two 2-packs of door stops costing $2.00 at HD ). I used Gorilla double stick mounting tape to attach the door stop ramps. I plan to tilt the kegs backwards during fermentation and then gently turn them around to cold crash before bottling. The cookie sheets will also keep any energetic fermentation overflow better contained. I can used the cookie sheets to carry my kegs from the fridge to my bottling counter.
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    I've been on this forum since 2012. First batch was mid-year, and I've been brewing since. Over 300 gallons brewed in over 130 batches. Yet, I still screw up... Evidence of that sits in front of me, a glass of uncarbonated Apricot Wheat with a 3.3% ABV. I brewed at the end of January, had some surgery, and then brewed at the end of February. Then, with Covid-19, I didn't think about brewing again until May, and didn't actually brew until late June. I do BIAB, and buy my grains locally from a place that is also on the web. During the pandemic, they closed to retail customers, so I waited. And waited. Then I noticed they had raised their prices significantly, whereas other online stores had not. As I contemplated buying when they were about to reopen, I priced out what I wanted there, plus at a few other places, and realized I could buy significantly more grain at MoreBeer. So I placed my order, and then began the travesty that is this batch. Because I do BIAB, I can mill the crap out of my grains with no impact. So I stuck a few cups in a blender, and had at it. However, I neglected to actually look at the results, i.e. pour them in a bowl and look at whether I had cracked every grain. Something in my head wrongly said "don't over grind". Wrong. That batch came in with an OG of 1.030 instead of 1.050. Yikes. Of course genius doesn't have any DME, so I let it ferment, my wife likes low ABV beer. When I added the apricots, I noticed a few chunks. Today, when bottling, those chunks clogged things up, and 3 bottles had to be done via the spigot directly, and at least 2 bottles were left in the LBK when the spigot clogged, which is why I am now drinking an uncarbonated, low alcohol, apricot beer at 9:30AM. I have since brewed an Oberon clone, a Two-Hearted clone, and another batch of Apricot Wheat, and all were pulverized. And I hit my numbers on each batch. Morale of the story - when you skip months of brewing, go back to your process, and if you have a new thing to understand, don't ruin a batch learning.
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    So 3 beers into the evening while grilling a flank steak, I thought its going to rain and be cooler tomorrow so you should brew! Good idea, except you've had 3 brews and now you're weighing grains and brewing salts, hooking up pump and controller stuff. Brewing a hoppy Wit to have a change of pace from pale ales. Crap, I'm whipped from golf and heat, and hope my hasty prep will do for a morning brew session. Think I'll add some extra coffee for the morning session. Hitting the rack now.
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    Tomorrow, 15 gallons. 3 oz cascade at dry hop. Replace falconers with veterans blend. 5 gallons lager, 10 gallons 05 or 04, whatever is in the fridge
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    4:00 on July 17th is the release of DOS GUSSYS! Schedule your trip now
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    Drinkable lager. I aint drinking it really. Its for two different get togethers that I always provide beer for. Im gonna add raspberry and jalapeño to one keg. Sounds fun
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    🤘🏻I like it! I think I might have to try some out in a hot El Paso garage once I get there. Have a standard brew in the fermenting fridge, and let the Kveik ride the lightning!
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    hell yeah! lots of times. hothead is one of them, and the Voss Kveik. used them both. do a hot Texas garage batch IPA with it. no temp control needed. did an ipa last summer and temp got up to 100 deg in my garage. turned out so good! i think the brew finished in like 3 days. crazy.
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    I don't understand the turning around. You want the spigot elevated up for both fermenting and cold crashing. This flows the trub away from the spigot, and when you cold crash it stays there.
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    That would be a reason to despair. Of course, if one was a Buckeye, that would be a reason to commit suicide. Of course, I'd have to take time out from my pizza deliveries if I was a Buckeye. Spartans deliver subs...
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    I have no idea what the abv would be. Dont tell anyone, but i dont use MRB products... but i would do: one can cerveza 1 golden 1 pack vienna 1 pack wheat 2 pack flaked corn 1 shot of agave amarillo the whole way through us-05 3 grams of lime zest at secondary 1 wood spiral soaked in tequila
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    Looks like my finances are improving, and I'm probably going back into the brewing hobby come fall. One beer I'd like to clone is: https://www.lexingtonbrewingco.com/products/lexington-brewing-company/kentucky-tequila-barrel-wheat It had an amazing flavor of agave, with a hint of lime and wheat. It's been a while since I've had it, and would like to try to make something similar. I'm thinking about starting with the recipe for "Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout", and change Bourbon to Tequila, but obviously need to change other aspects of the recipe. I'm open to suggestions on this one. Note that I don't want to overpower the wheat part. I want more the tequila and lime flavor. Here is the recipe for LSB, and my thoughts on what to change. I'm VERY open to suggestions. 2 Cans St. Patrick's Irish Stout - Change to 2 cans of Bavarian Weissbeir, or one Bavarian Weissbeir and one Aztec Mexican Cerveza., just because "tequila" aned "Mexican" 2 Packets of Dry Brewing Yeast - no change 3 Packets of BrewMax LME Smooth - Change to 3 packets of BrewMax LME Pale, 3 packs of Golden, or mix of Pale and Golden 1 Packet of Munich Malt and 1 Packet of Chocolate Malt - Change to One Pack of Pilsen and one pack of Vienna, but I'm clueless on this one 2 Packets of Flaked Oats - Thinking no change to this one, but might change to Corn 2 Packets of Fuggle Pellet Hops - Open to ideas. Just don't want a lot of hop bitterness on this recipe 2 Packets of Oak Chips - no change 3 Hop Sacks - no change 1 Packet of Nottingham Yeast - no change 1 Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser - no change Add - zest of two or three limes. Not sure how many, leaning toward three, or two plus a bit of the juice Unfortunately, I don't have access to Facebook, so I can't ask the Mr. Beer brewing team for their suggestions. If someone could post this on their forum and let me know their response, I'd appreciate it. And as always, I appreciate the idea of the team on this forum. Miniyoda
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    Although I'm having a difficult time imagining how key lime, agave, tequila, and oak flavors would mingle, I think you're on the right track with your idea. The only suggestion that I would make might be fermenting with a more characterful yeast -- maybe a West Coast ale yeast, BRY-97 or something similar? You could also have fun with some interesting hop additions but that would be up to you. Good luck with it and welcome back to brewing!
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    That's my favorite style of lager! 😜
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    Definitely bumping up the sulfates! Not too bad otherwise.
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    @Big Sarge i just went to LHBS and picked up some hothead. have a recipe and ingredients for "Neptune IPA" from BYO website? will do a hot garage batch with it. gonna get that bitch up to 99 degrees or so next week!
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    im not sure, but it gives off fruity esters at higher temps, plus, i mostly brew ipa's so it's a good fit i think. i'll bet a wheat beer would be nice too.
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    Missed the anniversary. Sorry bout that. not pictured: @C-ya
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    He's going to get back with you...in seven years. 😄
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    After a few months now, I'm still enjoying this sessionable, lightly-tart brew.
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    @Nickfixit, @Creeps McLane, @Bonsai & Brew. Although your hops packet is dated 2019 it is the 2020 blend. The 2019 is harvest year typically in Sept. I think and they get the blend together in Nov for release in January. I got that in an email from Wade at Yakima Hops, as I wanted to confirm since the blend changes each year. " Hi Bob, No worries! The only product that we currently have available on our website, is our most recent blend, which would be the Loral, Azacca, El Dorado, and Idaho Gem blend, which we refer to as our 2019 Blend (due to crop year of product used). With harvest happening in September every year, it takes just about 2-3 months to get that product aligned for the ideal blend, and then we normally release right at the start of the calendar year. In short, the blend varieties are harvested in ~September 2019, blended and pelletized in Oct/Nov 2019, and then ready for release ~Jan 2020."
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    I thought it was Plain Old, Texas. Learn something new everyday
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    I got mugged on New Years night!! Is the same thing we are talking bout?
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    I know this is an old topic, but wanted to third that this is a solid recipe. I’ve made it three times and always satisfies my stout fans. I’m going to try to age some longer than three months to see how good it will get.
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    I prop mine up with a couple cases, not while brewing, but at bottling after cold crashing and it keeps the bottles pretty "clean".
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    Yup. A huge number left in the the summer of 2013. Many went to another forum, but that died off and has probably 1/2 dozen active participants out of nearly 1,000 members. Many also left brewing totally - this hobby has a huge dropout rate, and that was before craft beer really impacted it, dramatically increasing the dropout rate. That's why homebrew stores are hurting.
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    lol it's funny seeing these guys that posted thousands of times on this forum and they're just gone now!
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