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    There are spreadsheets and apps you can use for correction. The one below is close enough that you'll probably have a greater margin of error from reading your hydrometer. http://seanterrill.com/2012/01/06/refractometer-calculator/
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    I use pellet now but 40+ years ago I used leaf. There is something very back to nature feel about rolling the flower cones in your hands and getting the resinous residue on your fingers - mmmm! - it does have a slightly different smell I think but no sure how much difference it makes to the beer if you have fresh pellets. I think the pellets are very convenient.
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    As everyone has mentioned here, you should be fine. I am interested to know how it turns out for you though. Our collaborations are really exciting for us as these are people that started out with a Mr. Beer kit and have turned their hobby into a business. We start so many people that it was easy to find quite a few to help us with this program. We hope to be able to bring more of these recipes in the future.
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    I wouldn't get too worked up about dunking a whisk or a spoon but, personally, I keep a spray bottle of star san handy (especially on the cool-down side of the brew schedule) for just that reason.
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