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    bah.. angel's cut. poo on them! I drink it.let them get their own damn beer! well, at least if it is a hefeweizen I drink it. drinking bottle trub is an acquired taste and can lead to some rather nasty tummy cramps and the trots.
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    Good point. If you arent used to bottle carbonated beer, you need to be careful when you pour. Pour slowly and watching the neck and when trub starts to hit it stop pouring. You will always leave an "angel's cut" with bottle carbonated brews.
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    You need to review the directions. Carbonation and condition takes place in the bottles. You put sugar in the bottles, then the beer, and let sit at room temperature for at least 4 weeks. 3 weeks is good for the fermentation phase, beer should be flat and not sweet. Cowboy Lager is an old Mr. Beer refill, long discontinued. What was the date on the can? Was the yeast still good?
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