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    The temp in the room I had my lbk in went below 68 today after it was there for like 5 days I moved it to better temp should it be ok?
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    On a Mr. Beer-sized batch, I increase by one bottle. That's like 5%. I only do 5 gallon batches now also, in two LBKs, so I'm gaining roughly two bottles, getting say 50 instead of 48. So like 4%. Since I ferment in a temp controlled freezer, at 18 days I do an FG check and then simply lower the temp to 37 and 2-3 days later bottle. Worth it to me for two bottles of beer.
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    BRY-97 is usually a pretty aggressive and quick yeast, so I am surprised you didnt see a krausen line above the wort in your LBK. I've had that finish up in 3-4 days before, although I still keep it in the LBK for the 3 weeks.
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    Many years ago, a buddy and I were going out to do some serious backwoods camping. We made sure to have common equipment so if one - or both - failed we would have redundancies. The last piece of equipment we researched was a water purifier. We were struggling to find one until we read a particular review. The guy who reviewed it tested it out by running Coors Light through it and said it actually made it drinkable. With that simple comment, we were sold and purchased it - the First Needs Deluxe should anyone else want to make their Coors drinkable.
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    I tip my hat to you Rick. You can remember back to 12/18 yet I cant remember what I had for dinner last nite....
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    If you got trub you're making ale. You don't always see kraeusen.
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    Cold crashing also solidifies the trub, which allows you to get every last drop of beer from the LBK. That's why I cold crash all my batches, and none of them fail to carb or carb slowly.
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    Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher is another great book to look into once you have a few batches under your belt. The Palmer and Papazion books are both great for the new and not so new brewer.
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    I did just like you and I have bout quarter inch of white stuff on bottom of keg... I did Order a thermometer to stick on side of keg to allow perfect temps.... Also read that 3 weeks for fermentation and 3 to 4 weeks in bottle ... before sucking down !!!
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    bear in mind they also say use 2-2-2
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    "Rick makes some Beer". Part 2 Rick looks at his instructions. He reads that he has to put the LBK in a good spot for 3 weeks. Not too hot, Not too cold, but just right. He puts it in his basement. His basement is at 68 degrees. Rick looks at his watch AGAIN. It is 12:15. Rick looks in the fridge and sees pizza and a a milk carton. Rick takes them out of the fridge. Rick sees something was hiding behind the milk carton. It is bottle of Brown Ale. He takes the Brown Ale and puts the milk back in the fridge. He has pizza and beer for lunch. Rick is satisfied with his day. Dick had not drunk up all his beer. Rick will be able to drink his own beer soon.
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    Talking of Dick and Jane .... "Rick makes some Beer". Part 1 The weather is hot. Rick has been working hard in the garden. Rick is thirsty. Rick needs a beer. Rick looks for Dick and Jane. Surely Dick will have some beer. He does not see them anywhere. Rick is sad. He goes back inside his house. He looks in his fridge. He does not see beer. "Bah!" he says. "Dick has finished all my beer." "Oh No!" thinks Rick. "I will have to make more beer." He sees a small book labeled Beer Making instructions. Rick reads the book. All of it. Rick sees the LBK on the shelf. The LBK is empty. That is no good. "This is a pain" thinks Rick. "I hope I have enough stuff." There are more things on the shelf. Rick sees two cans of Malt on the shelf. One can says HME on it. The other can says LME on it. Rick looks in his refrigerator again. Rick sees yeast in his refrigerator. He decides to make some beer. Until his beer is ready he will have to drink something else. Poor Rick. He puts a big pot in the sink and fills it with hot water. He puts the cans in the big pot. Rick wonders if the LBK is clean. He sees a white packet on the shelf too. Inside the packet is a white powder. Rick does not taste the powder, that would make him sick. He puts half the powder in the LBK. He puts some hot water in the LBK too, up to the 4 mark. Rock puts the lid on and shakes the LBK so all the inside is wet. Rick knows he needs more tools to make beer. He takes a spoon and a cup and a can opener and scissors from the closet. He puts them in the LBK too. He takes a plate from the closet. He holds the plate under the spigot. He opens and shuts the LBK spigot 5 times. Rick looks at the plate. The plate has liquid on it. "Aha!" Rick thinks, "this will make my plate clean." Rick looks at his watch. It is 11:30. He waits until 11:40 then he takes his tools from the LBK and puts them on his plate. Rick looks in the closet again - he sees a smaller pot. He takes the smaller pot and puts it on the stove. He takes the cup and fills it with water. He empties the cup into the smaller pot. He does this four times. Rick starts the heat on the stove to boil the water. Rick looks at his watch again. It is 11:50. "Hmm", thinks Rick, "almost time for lunch". Rick sees steam rising from the pot. He looks in the smaller pot. The water is boiling. He turns off the heat and moves the smaller pot to a working area. The pot will not hurt Rick's work area. The pot is not hot enough. Rick takes the LME and HME cans out of the big pot. Rick is happy the water is not hot now. He does not want to burn his fingers. He takes the can opener off the plate and opens the cans. He pours the malt into the smaller pot. The malt is sticky. He scrapes it all into the smaller pot. Rick has to be careful to mix it well with the water. He mixes it with the spoon. Rick looks at the LBK. Uh oh - it still has liquid in it. Rick empties the liquid into the sink. He fills the LBK with fresh cold water to the 4 mark. "What do I do next?" thinks Rick, "that is not the color of beer.". He looks at his instructions. Rick follows the instructions. He empties the brown liquid from the smaller pot into the LBK and stirs it well. "Ah" he says to himself. "That is a better color for beer. I have made a good brown wort.". He looks at the instruction again. He sees he needs yeast. He cuts the yeast packet with his clean scissors. He empties the packet onto the brown liquid in the LBK. The powder spreads on the top of the liquid, but it does not do anything. Rick looks at the powder. It still does not do anything. Rick sighs. "This is taking longer than I thought" he thinks. He looks at his watch again. It is 12:05. "Surely it MUST be time for lunch", he thinks. He puts the LBK lid on.
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    "How to brew beer" by John Palmer is a free download. You can copy, print and do as you wish with this transcript.
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    May i add one precaution - wipe each bottle top and cap with a sanitized paper towel before you open them, wash your hands, and dip the cap in a sanitizing solution before resealing. One last thought, although unlikely, if you add sugar, tighten the caps, keep at room temperature for another 4 weeks and no carbonation occurs, you may have to "reseed" with yeast.
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    I have old Mr Beer suplies that I am selling. 30 - Bottles with caps and 3 fermenters (2 with lids). $45 for it all. I no longer use these anymore and I am located in the western pa area.
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    I saw several threads for Central/Southern Ohio brewers, but, alas, I live too far away. I live smack in between Toledo and Cleveland. Are there any others from the northern half? Valhalla Brew Hall In Primary: Idunn Citrus Mint Weiss On Tap: Baldur's Winter Stout Previous: Midgard Light Lager Next: Mjolnir IPA, Ragnarok Imperial IPA
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