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    I am also a wine maker and I cannot live without my hydrometer - I need /want to know what the starting gravity of any batch of wine is.... but if you are using extracts and if the extracts are packaged to satisfy a recipe then you can assume (I think) that the starting gravity is on spec... BUT your point about knowing that fermentation has ceased after say 2 weeks then you can shave a week off the time it takes to crack open a bottle misses another really important point. Fermentation is a complex process - PART - only part of the process involves the yeast converting sugars into alcohol. But part of the process involves the yeast transforming byproducts created during the active fermentation which result in unpleasant flavors into chemicals whose flavors enhance the beer. Simply knowing that there is no more sugar left for the yeast to work on does not in fact tell you whether the beer is ready to be bottled.
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    Well - I am sure it was a bittle shaped pipsocle
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    Bittle bombs will do that to a person. *whistles innocently*
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    FWIW, it's been now 3.5 days since pitching. Yesterday, against most recommendations I gave the keg a semi-gentle swirl (no stirring, just a swirl, not opening the keg), enough to knock some of the trub loose and it floated to the surface. This morning I have full on krausen, huge bubbles, lots of activity. Meanwhile the new batch I set up last night (didn't rehydrate yeast for this one) is in full on krausen sitting right next to it's brother in the basement. Maybe the guy just needed some competition to get in the game? I'm not gonna lie, I gave out a serious mad scientist laugh when I saw it! Like when Dr. Frankenstein's monster came to life! NOTE: My family are now positive that I'm insane.
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    Does this mean that your beer isn't Kosher?
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    There is a wealth of information in this post and it has plugged in a lot of fill in the blank questions I am learning in reading the forum. In this forum It does not really matter If you are a Scientist or an Engineer. The grateful outcome of the forum is to share wisdom that will benefit some of the people that are trying to understand the process and understand from others mistakes.. I have studied Electronics and worked in the profession for most of my life. Public safety is my primary goal with new technology, and all of that kind of applies here. When You are making Beer. Semantics are in the chemical aspect of process to perfect, Like me I am looking to perfect the perfect fermentation chamber helper with electronics. We have to start somewhere, Making good beer starts here. Cheers
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    Are you brewing for competition? No? Then no need to stay with in style guidelines, it's your beer. i.e. Black IPA (talk about a contradiction in terms )
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    The comment with the pic says "I got this when I first started brewing in 1966"....wasn't legal till '79.
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    maybe it was defective oil cans!
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    I do 3 weeks also,(and so I do not do the 2 samples 48 hours apart thing) but you cannot be sure it is not a stuck fermentation with out at least one reading. Bottling with a stuck fermentation can(and probably will) = bottle bombs. Peace of mind is worth 1 sample IMHO
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    Now I totally have to name a beer "Bittle Bombs". Hmm...
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    Probably got a fizzy beer popsicle.
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    First photo is the batch I started the thread over. You see the bubbles and there's hella activity the photo couldn't capture. The second photo is my new batch.
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    Brewer - agree 100% Fermentation of the malt sugars is quick. However the yeast have lots more to do. They have alternate biochemical pathways for respiration that use previous fermentation products. As far as using a hydrometer, it is just good procedure. Most often I add to the basic HME so I like to know my O.G.
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    Spray the whole thing inside and out with bed-liner. That should fix it.
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    If you ever have any problem you can't find the answer to always come back here and ask great bunch of guys always willing to help us newbies out.
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    One other thing I might do is put a small cookie sheet under each LBK, just in case of overflow. That would help keep your other LBKs and bottom of fridge clean (just saying if it was me).
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    Always buy them in pairs, they are suicidal. Don't ask me how I know. I've murdered at least 2. They scream real loud, hard to hear over my scream though.
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