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    Pumpkin Beers are one of my favorite. Last spring I decided I wanted to make Pumpkin Rising to see if I'd like it or would want to tweek it for the fall. I used 1/2 Tspn Ginger 1/4 tspn Cinnamon 1/4 tspn All spice and a pinch of ground cloves. After about a week of fermenting, I added 1/2 tspn nutmeg, 1 tspn of Pumpkin Spice Extract, 3 cinnamon sticks and the 10oz of 100% Pure Pumpkin(not Libbys). I let it condition for about 6 weeks. it didn't turn out too bad but I was looking for something closer to Jack-O-Travelers or The Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin. Something a little less bitter and more pumpkin flavor. A lot of ppl enjoyed it though. This time around i'm keeping the same recipe but using the Oktoberfest Extract instead of the Bewitched Amber Ale...based mostly on the bitterness scale. (pics are of the first batch) Addy's Punkin Head Ale (my daughter)
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    The thread so nice, it had to be started twice!
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    T-58 sounds like an excellent choice for a spiced beer. I would try to keep to the lower end of the recommended fermentation temperature range.
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    I use glue sticks to put labels on my bottles. $0.25 per stick, or less, RIGHT NOW at many stores. I buy 1/2 dozen or so, usually in 2 packs, each year. You can big packs, like 60 for .20 each at Amazon right now, but they will dry up over time.
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    Lesson learned the hard way #1 - a glue pen is not the same as a glue stick.
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    First, you said "I thought my Classic Light first batch was a touch sweet". Note that carbonation sugar turns into carbonation, leaving no sweetness behind. Adding sugar now MAY result in overflows, i.e. the yeast go crazy and it comes out the top. Are they at 70 or above? You should wait at least 4 weeks.
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    Mr. Beer should be selling "Beer cams". Tagline "For the true Beer Perv in everyone". Edit - if you do start selling them, I get a cut for suggesting the tagline...
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    1 part flour to 1 part water = even cheaper glue.
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    I won't. You will. One day.
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    Did one tour, 25th ID (L) December 1986 to June 1989 then ETSed out. Signed up for reserves, 209th FA until October 1995 when the unit disbanded.
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    Distillation is a physical process in chemistry and biochemistry, of heating a liquid mixture, boiling the liquid and then condensing the vapor and collecting the purified product leaving other substances behind. Methanol, can be made by a "destructive" heating process, then by distillation, collect the purified product. The enzymes found in yeast for fermentation basically do not produce methanol, which is good for us and the yeast, as it is very toxic. I'm not sure about the methanol content of moonshine, but even a little can have some very bad effects on your health. Hope this was informative.
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    There is very little methanol in beer, if any at all. There is only methanol in distilled grains because of crude mashing techniques and certain yeast strains used. Many of the yeast strains used for distillation will also ferment cellulose in addition to sugars. Like pectin, cellulose will break down during the fermentation resulting in methanol production. Wine has more methanol than beer because of the methanol produced by the breakdown of pectin. Beer yeast creates a more simple fermentation that doesn't break down the cellulose in the grains. Distiller's yeast such as Turbo Yeast will produce much more methanol than beer yeast.
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    My first batch was CAL and my dad really liked it (blatz drinker) so I decided to make another batch as a social beer. You see what happened is I thought all cans of extract were the same. I'm new, pardon my ignorance. I'm just here to learn. I read the forums daily and every post and every new batch teaches me so much. I'll be a MB brewer for a long time.
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    This video is very good also. And remember, while you only need one tube, you should buy two hydrometers, because they are known to commit suicide without warning. Also, ABV = OG - FG x 131.25 where OG is your original gravity reading and FG is your final gravity reading.
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