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    What we commonly call dish "soap" (Ajax and a hundred other brands) used for cleaning our dishes and pans in the sink, is really detergent. Any unscented brand works fine, and rinses well. Don't use a hand or body soap as they leave a residue, and they do not clean as well, or rinse easily. Sanitizers are different in that their primary job is to get rid of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. There are many, offered by MB and others, which work well and clean too. Bleach is very difficult to fully rinse, and as Rickbeer noted, not very pleasant to work with. Never use ammonia or ammonia based products, again they are difficult to rinse, and permeate the plastic and even glass. Oxygen based cleaners/sanitizers are very effective and easy. Hope this is helpful
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    It's possible that it wasn't done fermenting, don't know your OG and FG readings. Infections don't always have an off taste, and gushing out of the bottle is consistent with an infection.
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