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    whoo hoo bought my 2nd LBK to ramp up production.....starting again tomorrow after work. i just cracked a bottle of my 4th run of home brew. This was Briess CBM Munich with Cascade hops in muslin bag (45 min slow boil only.... not dry) and Muntons yeast. 3 weeks in LBK at 68 degrees and 3 weeks in bottle. It tastes really good...starts out a little malty with a burst of hop flavor and a dry finish. Gonna brew two batches of this again tomorrow.....it is so darn tasty!!!!!!!
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    I have brewed a lot of the LBK beers (~110) but I don't consider myself an expert, but they are getting consistently better. However that never stopped me giving advice - lol. The nice thing here is that if you are wrong you find out soon enough, and still have intact eardrums.
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    I hope it Blatz Light and its fresh cuz Blatz Heavy tastes like Fox River. This is my Blatz tattoo I got to honor my dad (Still alive) Blatz is the first beer I ever tried. Spit that trash back out and said Id never drink beer ever!!! I mightve been 8? Look at me now eh?
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    i have some Blatz in the geeeeeerage too hahahahahaa!!!!
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    Hello and welcome!!! I am a complete noob as well, so take this for what it is...just me telling you what I think I might know.... * Condition........ First step ferment - three weeks in the LBK....then you bottle. After you bottle it "carbs" up. (depending on temp...three days......) Then the bottled beer starts to condition. Putting in the fridge is NOT part of conditioning. Not really. Putting it in the fridge actually stops conditioning. Things still happen in the fridge....different things and very slowly....but those things are not conditioning. * It is not just to get the beer cold. It actually forces the carbonation back into the beer and makes it "more carbed." Or harder carbed. I've heard that fridging it for longer times does good things too....but I can't really comment on that. * Conditioning for X weeks means leaving it in the bottles at room/fermenting temp for X weeks........and honestly.....I know it might be hard.....but four weeks is the MINIMUM. So you ferment in the LBK for 3 weeks. Bottle it.....(room TEMP! 68...70 degrees!)....another 4 weeks MINIMUM. That is conditioning time. Some recipes call for a LONG time. I am going to brew up a quad that calls for 6 MONTHS conditioning.
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    I like to have options. If I have oly an hour to quick bottle my beer then PET and carb drops are the way to go. If I have more than an hour I use glass bottles. The other night the wife left me alone for an hour and I was able to bottle a 2 gallon batch in less than an hour but I was using 22 ozers. Got 10 of them an one lone 12 oz. I guess it just depends. All I know is 12 oz bottles take a long time to bottle a batch. Imagine a 5 gallon batch too when you get 50 bottles...
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    what was this thread originally about again? We shoudve moved to the chat room. Some nights around 2 am I cant see straight and I wish someone, anyone would be in the chat room so I could talk some serious nonsense
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    A homebrewer who has a Pabst glass, and drinks MGD and if Im not mistaken Thats a Hamms in the lower right corner. 'Merica
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    here ya go.......just capped one....took 3 seconds
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    heck no....i am brewing my old Bueller Brew with Green Bay tap water.......yee haaaaa!!!!!
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    i am retired Navy and my daughter went out and bout me a huge bag of American Flag bottle caps....how cool is that? so i gotta GO Glass!!!!
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    @Creeps McLane Okay....this is good to know..... Not to hijack your thread @GBbrewer But my idea for this first foray into glass was to at least try a six pack glass....then round the rest out with plastic. (Which I've got more than enough at the moment.) I was thinking that glass must take a bit longer.....thank you for confirming.
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    I got my capper too! Next bottling (this Saturday) I'm throwing some of my ESB+ into glass. Completely twitching over this new development! #newbrewersUNITE!
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    this next batch i am gonna run some in glass bottles as a test....bottle the rest in my 740 PET's i got a capper. i am super stoked
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    Nice, GB! That looks delicious! I will betcha that in about 2mths you'll be posting, "Whoo hoo, today I bought my 5th LBK!"
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    Just to be on the safe side, send me all your bottled beer once fermentation is completed and I'll give each bottle a taste test to determine if it is ruined or not and get back to you with the results as fast as I can.
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    I am a total noob when it come to the Mr Beer World and have some questions that are probably very noobish but here we go. Can someone please tell me what it means to condition your beer. I have noticed that most Mr Beer recipes have a recommended conditioning time and I am not totally sure as to what this means. At what point does your beer start to condition? Does conditioning start in the fermenter or does it start after bottling. I recently made the Octoberfestivus and after 3 weeks in the fermenter I took a sample. The beer was clear, had no off flavors and tasted very nice. It was as expected, flat. I bottled my beer and after 15 days all the bottles seemed to have carbonated very well. If I place my bottles in the refrigerator will this be part of the conditioning or is this just to get the beer cold. In closing if a recipes say's to condition for 3 to 4 weeks what does this mean and when does the process start. Thanks for help and any answers you have. Marcus
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    I spray mine with starsan,but I'm obsessive with sanitation, everything that touches my beer gets sanitized,if the wife grabs my beer ima spray her with starsan lmao
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    I made an Oktoberfest in August (my very 1st batch) and it nearly hit 80°! Yikes!! This probably happened 4 or 5 times. I didn't have any off flavors with it. I'm under the impression that yeast can be somewhat forgiving and resilient. I would put some ice packs or frozen soda bottles around your LBK to keep your temp down. Why risk it, right? I think I got plain ole lucky with mine. Good luck.
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    From the album: Yeast Farts

    So Clear you can see my keys 8 inches away
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    i love it Creeps!!! no it is straight up Blatz....old timer here
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    yup that was a Hamm's.......I am old Navy......we drink anything hahahahhaaa!!!!
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    Saw something like that while perusing Amazon.... Powerful Patriot Ale is must brew for you! You better not bottle some Belgium or other Euro brew with those bad boys!
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    Ha! Nice!!! Yub Yub!!!! I tried to find an image of an Ewok drinking beer but couldn't.....considering renaming my brewery Endor Brew Co....but the legal issues might sink me!
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    I will report in on Saturday! The goal is a six pack. Actually...I am going a brewers dozen...seven glass bottles and fill the rest of in plastic. That way when the time comes I have one "extra" glass to crack open and see what's what.
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    I use a heated message chair sometimes for my LBK's, it get two bonuses, the heat and a stress free message to help make the beer taste better!!!
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    well i have the 2 LBK's now so i can do a side by side comparison of the same wort.....one with straight boiled hops and one with added dry hops. i will definitely post the results...although i believe the dry hopped version could result in an out of the park shot
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    finished off the last current Witches Flight I have kegged today. it was this last Friday, got two days off, broke and no beer, really bummed, so went scrounging for extra change to stoop low so low to buy a 6 pk. of bud light or something, I went into the other bedroom opened the closet!!!! and BEHOLD!!!! 5 mini kegs!!!!!! I absolutely cannot believe that I would forget about something like that, but since I've been drinking bottles I guess it just passed out in my memory. then earlier today while I was doin some house cleaning, I found a 3 gallon keg of a failed attempt at a tangerine wheat that's been in that keg for almost a year!
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    i do think though i am gonna boil hop one batch (i know this works) and then branch out and dry hop the second LBK.........for a lil extra punch.....i will ley ya'll know how it goes!
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    well....i have taken heed to the "process" that is preached about on here. I know my PET's get the job done just fine and i just don't want to screw up a batch if i get it wrong. we are gonna nail it though!!!!!!
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    You are better man than me. My first use of the capper is going to be when I straight bottle. All or nothing All in!
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    right on brother!!!! i am gonna do just a couple of test bottles to get the process down and if all goes well like i think it should i will switch to pure glass
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    oh and thanks.....it is super smooth.....i don't know what the ABV is but you can't taste any alcohol so to speak and it has a little bit of a whooo hooo after a few glasses
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    I got mine at Fleet Farm go figure hahahahaaa! 9.99 deal of a lifetime. they really work so darn good
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    Keep your eyes open. I know they were @ Walmart for less than $10 bucks.
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    i was already thinking that!!!!! oh my goodness this is so rewarding and fun
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    Nice! I really like using breiss products. I always keep a can of golden light on hand. Did you know they're a Wisconsin company? Chilton if I'm not mistaken. 20 minutes from Green Bay and you could go visit them.
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    Could this be considered potential alcohol abuse?
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    Haha... I used to purposely beer in 22oz bottles just to reuse them, plus I refused to buy twist tops.
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    Lol. My first effort was aluminum foil. This one may be gold.
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    I'm talking wort temps taken from the temp controller probe which is taped to the side of my fermenter. However after primary fermentation ambient temp should be the same as the wort temp. I have either a freezer or a keggerator hooked to my temp controller. I also have a Johnson temp controller. I use pails but I wouldn't hesitate to use two LBK's for a 5 gallon batch. Glass carboys are a pain to clean in my opinion. Heres is my temp controller. Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat, 2-stage, 1000w, w/ Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011296704/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_tW20wbYPDV1P4
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    Think of the cost, 1 oz of hops approx $5, 1 oz of Marijuana...??? A lot more than $5
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    As creeps said... boil or use a sanitizer... saying hi to to the wife is optional.
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    How much is honey by you? I was going to make a 5 gallon batch of mead just cuz it sounded easy and it would've costed me easily $60-$70. Not worth it at all. I know now you only did 1 gallon, was it about $20?
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    Based on my own experience, I find that the glass bottles carbonate better than the plastic ones do. I brewed 3 batches in plastic before switching over and carbonation improved as soon as I did.
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    What occurred was that it came out exactly as it should have. As I've posted before, there is no correlation between HEAD and CARBONATION. Most Mr. Beer refills/recipes have very little to no head. If you want a big head on your beer, you can: 1) Add a pouch of wheat LME (making to let Josh know so he can tell the inventory manager...) or 2) Steep 4 oz of Carapils or Carafoam
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    Yes. The top end is around 77 so try to stay a little closer to there. Here's a good article on high temperature yeast strains and warm fermenting: http://beerandwinejournal.com/high-temp-yeast/
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    I'm going to take exception with this comment. This section of the forum is called "New Brewers and FAQs". twadams777 said he tweaked his first brew. You're recommending that's great. I'm going to say it's not - it's a bad idea - as many others have said on the forum over the years. A new brewer needs to learn PROCESS. A new brewer needs to learn what base refills taste like BEFORE tweaking them. This hobby has a huge dropout rate, largely because people get results they don't like, have no idea why they got those results, and quit. Guidelines like 3-4 came about because people weren't allowing enough time for the beer to ferment and/or condition, and got bad results. While I don't have access to Mr. Beer's data, I'll bet that 3-4, along with efforts by contributors to this forum, have decreased the dropout rate. I, and others, strongly recommend that brand new brewers NOT experiment until they know what the effects of those experiments might be. But, it's a free country, so they can do what they want. Recommending to brand new brewers that they should experiment on their first or second batch (and by experiment I mean not even follow a Mr. Beer recipe), is in my opinion, bad advice. Your opinion is clearly different. And I'm sure you'll disagree with my opinion.
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