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    I received that same kit as a gift from my SWMBO, and I was not overly impressed with my first results on the GB Pilsner or Aztec Cerveza either. But when I tried Mr. Beer's Oktoberfest and American Ale, I was hooked. Don't give up too soon, Snuffy. The GB Pilsner and Aztec Cerveza can benefit from additions (I like the Fresco Chile Lime recipe using the Cerveza), but they have many other refill cans (especially the Craft series) that taste great on their own.
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    I have been cold-crashing from the beginning (this was my 17th batch), having read RickBeer's excellent explanation (find one of his posts and look in the links in his signature). I have never had any issues with carbonation, but then again, I have never gone this long fermenting before, and this is maybe only my 3rd batch with S-04. This one ended up at 25 days fermenting, then about 36 hours cold-crashing. Hopefully it will carb up fine, but if not, lesson learned. I am not really concerned with hazy beer either, but I do like getting the trub compacted and solidified, which helps get more beer out of the LBK.
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    Hmm. Extract twang? Maybe I have bad taste buds or I am used to it. Or I am just a fantastic brewer :-). Seriously, I think it is going to be much less noticeable if you make beers that are full of flavor, with added hops, added malts and other stuff or the yeast makes strong flavors. I notice many here make strong well flavored beers and seem to have no problems. That is the problem with making the initial kit beers that are lighter in flavor, any imperfections will show more. So - a) kill the cider with hops - ok if you like hops b.) (the period so I don't get emoticon ) ferment real low temps - only good for some beers c) add some grains. But I am thinking that if the process for cleaning up the cidery taste is known, it should be possible to change the process to enhance the cleanup, but my biochemistry skill is not up to that yet.
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    None, tasted like it could have come from any quality brewery. That is the magic of steeping grains and mini mashing.
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    Seriously this stuff is insane good......there is a frozen butterbeer that is like a butterscotch slushie. While we are on it....at the Harry Potter land there is an honest to god beer called Wizard's Brew. It is a milk stout. One of the best beers I have ever had....
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    From the album: Brews

    This is the basic Bavarian weissbeer recipe with 5ml Pineapple extract added at bottling (16 oz). Excellent! Paired it with pineapple bbq chicken over jasmine rice. For the basic recipe, was really impressed with the head retention an this brew as well as the lacing left along the glass. So tasty. Great summer beer. I normally don't go for wheat beers but this is a recipe that I'm going to repeat sooner rather than later.
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    Hi Folks, I was bottling a couple of cases the other day and my Grandson asked me to make him some Butter Beer. Hmmm. He knows nothing about the beer we drink other than we get silly after too many too fast. He knows about Butter Beer though. There has to be some recipe in non alcohol for for making this at home. If so how do we make a juvenile beverage without alcohol? I have seen soda supplies at the LHBS but never inquired. The attendant has bad yeast farts so I move quickly so to speak. Cheers, M
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    MrWhy- Thanks for the positive info and easing my mind. New to brewing and making mistakes are a bummer, but glad it is most part forgiving...... I figured it wouldn't change much, but as you said will have less ABV. Looking forward to getting a taste of this!
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    Rick, I have the stick ons on both LBKs, a lab certified NIST traceable probe thermometer on both LBK's (attached per your instructions ) and I use a Fluke 62. I am not measuring liquid wort temp, I am measuring the LBK temp below the wort level.My goal is to obtain a small fridge and an Inkbird Itc-308 to properly maintain the ideal temp. The LBK's are kept in my closet during fermentation, we maintain a house ambient temp of 68°F during the day and 65 at night. I have an adult disabled son and he needs the house at that temp to be comfortable. This is definitely not ideal but I hope to remedy it by finding a used dorm fridge. You would think with school out I could have found one by now. Again I want to apologize for my frustration, I realize I have much to learn. As the Nestle Quick rabbit says: Patience is a Virtue.
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    No. It will not be a big bust. Will have less ABV.....a bit lighter taste possibly. But I am betting it will still be really good. It might not even foam up through. I purposefully overfilled one of my early batches and it did not spill over. Chin up brewer! Always stay positive.
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    All this Kona beer that I've been enjoying the last few weeks, along with some very good New Belgium IPAs got me thinking so I crafted a Waimea Wheat partial mash today! Bavarian Weissbier HME Golden LME Flaked White Wheat, 4 oz. Pale Wheat base malt, 2 oz. 2-Row Pale Malt, 2 oz. Waimea hops, 0.5 oz. 20 min. boil Waimea hops, 0.5 oz 7 min. boil Safale US-05 OG was 1.040 Only 5 more Bavarian Weissbier refills to go!
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    Plus one on the ferm temps, keep it in the low range (58-62) for the first three days and then let it come up from there. Noticeably reduced twang. Pitching too warm (especially with the Mr. Beer yeast I've noticed) can also impart more twang.
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    I did crack it open just for a second, I didn't realize that was a no no. I hadn't heard that anywhere. Hopefully it's not going to mess anything up, but good to know for the future. Thanks on the sugar question, I'll decide which to use shortly when I begin bottling. I kept the air temp at 68 in the room it was being stored, but I guess the AC couldn't keep up with the recent heat wave. The little strip thermometer I have on the side of the lbk still shows that it's in the optimal temperate range.
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    I only wish it were a joke, I am going to leave a pack of zantac 75 as a tip next visit. You can hear him behind the wall, bend over while behind the computer. Its a real gas. Cheers
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    This is unintentionally the funniest thread ever. Good stuff!!
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    I bottled this up today, excellent bitterness and flavor, not quite as dark as I was aiming for.
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    1) Yes 2) hose on spigot I use a 2.5 gallon slimline that I bought at Walmart. They no longer sell it, but it was 1/2 the price of Amazon. Hose can be bought a LHBS, Lowe's, etc. - most buy food grade. Bring the spigot to check the fit, it's the same hose that is used for the bottling wand. Dissolve sugar in a cup of water on the stove, bringing to a boil. After a minute boiling, remove from heat and put in a bigger pot with ice and water. Sanitize bottles. Wipe off pot and pour solution in bottling bucket. Put in beer with hose, stirring gently around 1/2 way point. Gently tip LBK forward as it gets close to uncovering spigot (cold crashing ensures you will get almost every drop. Turn off spigot, remove hose. Gently stir, bottle 8, gently stir, bottle 8,...
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    MrWhy! Very nice explanation. After Goldings and Cascade, I would suggest Amarillo (orange citrus), Citra (Grapefruit citrus) and maybe a European Hop e.g. Saaz .Then something totally wild and different like an Australian or New Zealand hop with tropical fruit flavors. I must admit I have not tried must of the Hop test suggested, but I think I might. I have been experimenting more with malts - trying to get the effects I want from darker malt extracts. WDA still not cloned yet thought - lol. American Ale, Smooth (or Briess Sparkling Amber) LME/DME and Amarillo make a nice amber ale for me. If he doesn't like IPAs and it is the hop intensity not only the bitterness, I would not suggest adding much more than 1 to 1.5 oz. pellets total pe LBK. You can actually get a nice boost from only 0.5 oz which will not hit you too hard. But if he tries a couple times, he will find the good personal amount to add. Also look at online hop chart for flavors that are acceptable.
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