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    Chest freezer I got for free off Craigslist
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    I saw Pink Floyd i1993 in Dallas touring on that album!!! so ur good with me anytime Creeps!!!
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    Oh OK. I did not realize that. So if we like. We need to stockup then I suppose. Now we need a recipe for Winter Dark Ale lol.
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    Everyone should just make a one gallon batch of all grain beer this weekend. For no real reason? Maybe the last weekend in july should be all grain day
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    Sorry JA I misunderstood. The "twang" exists in all extracts (probably a side effect of low pressure boiling) IMHO using grains to steep mitigates the twang...somewhat. I mean, I noticed it more in a wheat or pilsner than in a porter or a stout.
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    Impatiently I took a glass of my Boston lager clone attempt #7 after 2 weeks in bottle (65 deg). Carbonation was good but being early, the flavors had not yet melded well. There is the good hop backbone (with a little aroma) and the hops are quite spicy now, There is malt sweetness too, but at this stage, both are kinda separate sensations and need to mellow out. It also needs to clarify more. I will leave it a month and try it again. Probably it won't be ready still but I am interested in how the tastes change. I did put some Vienna malt steeped in it as well as a little Cara 60, not sure I needed all that - it may be too sweet, But will see :-).
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    Google... https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/how-to-harvest-prepare-and-store-homegrown-hops/ Use for aroma due to unknown IBUs. You need more than with pellets.
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    Bourbon Barrel came out at a decent 8.76%. I wish it were a little higher, but I'll be alright with that. There was a little sweetness to it, which I liked, but could taste the bourbon and boldness of the LME. I think this will turn out great and be ready to drink come winter time! I couldn't taste too much of the oak chips, maybe that'll come through a little later, but all in all I'm happy so far.
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    Shania Twang was my newbie experience!!
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    Make it 2 gallons and I'm in! One gallon is just hard to justify. I'll already be doing a 5-gallon Kolsch, IPA or "Boston Lager", depending on fermenter logistics. I'd be happy to throw down a quick 2-gallon SMASH while I'm at it and dust off an LBK to join in the festive spirit of a mash-a-thon. We can compare recipes and results.
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    I have put it in with the DME. I have also added it later into the LBK during fermentation. Since it does not ferment, I don't see it really matter as long as it dissolves. Of course getting it boiled guarantees no infections.
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    Oh. Well that will work the way Qbrew had it if you use the same can weight for craft cans as regular ones. Now you changed it, you have to use the actual can weight. Will you be making additions for Seasonals? Or is there an easy way for us to edit the database?
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    Both HME and LME. even DME pending recipe. I still make mr. beer recipes(bewitchd amber is addicting). I just know i gotta give it time to do its magic. I have noticed LME mellows out much faster then HME. I do full 60min boils with my recipes 30minute steeps. I also only add about 1/3 of my extract for the boil. Then the last 5 minutes of boil I add the remaining Extract. I cool it down to roughly room temp add yeast stash it away for 3 weeks. then its 3-7 days in keg on 20-30 PSI. I then lower the pressure in keg to 10(my serving pressure). let sit for another day and ussually its carbed for drinking by then. I understand the risk of over carb with this method, so far i havnt had an over carb issue.
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    I know what it is...I'm asking what was used. LME/DME extract batches with "fresh" hop additions are fundamentally different from HME recipes. My question goes to whether the "twang" went away in the absence of HME. My experience has been that there's still a little something off even in non-HME, partial mash batches with up to 25% late addition LME. I've had full-60-minute-boil extract/hop addition beers that were superb in every way, though I haven't bothered with full-boil extracts, preferring to stick to getting to the best beers I can make with all-grain.
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    I did two things different. 1) Put in 4 outlets, not 2. One is cool, one is hot, and 2 are ON always. 2) Put lights in so that when the cool or hot is on, there is a light by the outlet indicating that.
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