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    We are releasing a new Partial Mash Oktoberfest Lager just in time for the fall season. This full-bodied, malty Oktoberfest is probably the closest we have to a true german-style Marzen Oktoberfest Lager. With bready malts and just enough hop balance, I think you guys that go for the maltier beers are going to really enjoy this one. It is on sale for only $30! Cheers! http://www.mrbeer.com/hot-deals/zombie-fest-lager
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    I posted the BOM on my profile page. When the fans are mounted vertically so condensation doesn't get in the PCB, they don't fail. I have three systems, this one has been running since last November, the other two for about a year. They run all the time. The cooler has the TEC plate inside the chamber, with a heatsink and fan to blow cold air around. (The small fan in the foto on the bottom of the lid) If the fan fails, the heatsink ices up and then the element fails. My problem was I mounted the fan with the PCB on the bottom side, so water puddled and the PCB corroded. I then mounted it on the top side and all has been good. The air really doesn't care it if is blowing up or down. There is also a heatsink on the Outside with a fan removing the hot air. I haven't had one of these fail, but there are some fans that are a lot quieter than others. I travel a lot and so the ice bottles are not really an option for me, but they do work. With this system I can just ask my wife to keep an eye on the readout and if it goes over 65 she puts a small bottle of ice in there. This only is needed during the summer.
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    I have the breathalyzer. Preliminary results are, after three commercial test beers, 0.000. First home beer, 0.000. Second home beer 0.001. Third home beer 0.014. Fourth home beer 0.023. Waiting 20 minutes after eating or drinking anything but water is a pain in the butt, but necessary to prolong sensor life. Since I am not an alcoholic, I can drink this stuff without concern, but I guess I am creating LA beer, not NA beer.
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    Waiting for half-time to add the baked punkin', brown sugar and spice mixture. Instead of mulling spices, I added ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove to the mix prior to baking -- smelled great coming out of the oven! Saving the vanilla for a later addition.?
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    Actually for Jim_NA, a cheap breathalyzer would do. He has only to establish an indication for the level which is too high and then maybe warm some of the test beer in a small pan and suck up the air above it in a bicycle pump and squirt it into the breathalyzer (or even inhale it and breath it out again :-) although some would be ingested that way. I really do not have a good idea of the sensitivity of these devices, but they have to be pretty sensitive. The issue here is getting a repeatable process. It does not matter what the indication is as long as you know where the go/nogo value is.
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    Racked my Spiced Winter Dark Ale to secondary this morning. Wow!!! It's as black as my soul with a huge spiced aroma and flavor, with hints of coffe and chocolate. OG: 1.065 SG today: 1.020 Secondary until 09/28, cold crash then bottling. I'm hoping the OG will come in around 1.015ish
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    keep drinking............... when u get to this stage, you have to chug it!!! when u reach this stage and doing your Happy Dance, then you have achieved your goal
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    From the album: Cooler Hacking

    For about $70 I made this cooler with Thermoelectric Cooling. I have tested it to 20 degrees below ambient so far, which got it to 45 degrees. Planning on making some Lagers.
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