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    Once you have a supply of oak chips, you may as well start buying liquor.? Caribbean Porter American Porter HME Smooth DME Booster, half-pack Briess 2-row Caramel 40, 3 oz. Weyermann Munich Type I, 3 oz. Simpsons Aromatic malt, 2 oz. Chateau Special B, 2 oz. East Kent Goldings, 0.5 oz. 5-min. boil Nottingham ale yeast American Light Toast Oak chips, 1 oz. Bacardi Oakheart Smooth Spiced Rum (enough to soak chips, plus a little more ) added to LBK after 1-week of fermentation Pure Vanilla extract, 2 tsp. added to oak steep OG was 1.043
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    The spigot on the Slimline is the best for bottling. Something that works like that would be great.
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    I've got a SMASH recipe from Midwest waiting to be brewed, just dnt have the time i'm used to having to " having fun" making beer
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    How'd it come out? I likes me a wee heavy.
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    Looks nice! I have my SMaSH Pale Ale cold crashing now. It's in a LBK with 2-row and my own Cascade.
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    I like uso5 too but it's kind of like wonderbread of the yeast world. it lacks character. too clean. it is great for adding a few grams to bottles that have had an overly long fermentation and a high abv, for carbing. every now and then I splurge and get white labs, or i'll do a saison with bella saison from danstar. and speaking of monsters... wlp Edinburgh ... when I used it on a wee heavy it went positively nuts. nearly blew the lid off twice. 4 days of constant chug chug chug of foam through the air lock hose...
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    From the album: Dear Beer

    My 2nd Batch using American Porter and infused with Jalapeno's. So Delicious!
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    I think you should have stuck with the white spigot. It is easier to tell if it is clean. My 2 cents.
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    No. We mostly focus on Mr. Beer because that is our company name. While you can buy all of these products from us individually, we have no plans on creating recipes using Coopers products at this time.
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    Thanks! I will see that our Community Manager, @MRB Josh B takes a look.
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    @sabres032, I'd offer that 1.072 is a huge beer to shoot for. If it were me, I'd go for something in the 1.055-1.060 range until you figure out your efficiency. If you shoot for 75% efficiency on something that's right on the borderline between a APA and an IPA, you'll be in a good place if you end up 5% either way. Your idea of adding Carapils isn't bad if your're doing a single infusion at a relatively low mash temp, but if you ever intend to do a stepped temp mash with a dextrine rest, you'll just confuse things with that stuff. Also, if you really want to figure out mashing, a less complicated hop schedule will allow you to understand the malt profile better. If all the flavor is in big hops and bitterness, you may cover up more than you'd like. And while I think Chinook is an awesome hop, high alpha hops can get away from you (and First Wort additions may be unpredictable, too). I'd consider Cascade just because it's so steady and predictable and makes a simply classic flavor profile, but whatever you use, I'd keep it simple with at additions at 60, 20, 10, F/O or something similar. Ideally , you'd like something that's very easily duplicated so you can change one variable at a time in your mash schedule to see how things improve. Good luck!!
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