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    I appreciate the advice from everyone. I don't feel ready for a partial mash as this will be my third brew. My main reason for adding honey was more fermentables, the dryness is a bonus. I think I will try the recipe Creeps suggested; CAL, pale LME, 1 cup of honey (I like a drier beer), and I may try saaz to see if I can replicate a pilsner. I have used the 05 yeast for my Oktoberfest and liked the result. Kolsch has become my favorite summer beer style so I will be trying to brew one of those in the February/March timeframe.
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    The Horse's Ass Ale is a simple recipe using CAL that turned out well for me: http://www.mrbeer.com/horse-s-ass-ale-recipe' And agreeing with Bonsai, the Let It Bee Honey Blond Ale is a good one as well.
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    My recipe calls for 4oz crystal 60 or Melanoidin. The LHBS is ordering 5 pounds for a discount, not my recipe.
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    Hoppy you should try my Citrus Wit recipe if you are not getting the citrus thing with the Tangerines. That should have enough citrus-ness for you although it is not that bitter. You should appreciate it has 1.5oz hops in it :-D. I don't have any left, my daughter scarfed it all. See my post in this thread
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    Yep. You can use up to 16 oz of it per 6 gallon batch. I'd use about 8-12 oz.
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    Yes, it does have more hop flavor than the Diablo. The Diablo has a more complex malt bill while the LP IPA is much lighter in malt flavor.
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    oh and I add a cup of honey for a drier beer
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    I do a CAL with a pale Lme. With 2 ounce of 2 row and 2 ounces of carapils and 1 ounce of honey malt with the safale 5 yeast and some oranges.. I like it... As said before the CAL is a really good one to play around with.. Good luck in sure it'll be good no matter which way you go... ?
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