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    I'm drinking one of these right now. Bottled it on June 27. By my calculation it has been conditioning for a good 8 months. Really good beer. I like this a lot. It has a nice hops flavor from the Columbus and Goldings, and the aroma from the Fuggle is there, but not overpowering. It could definitely pass for an British IPA of some sort. Or a west coast take on an English Pale.
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    You won't get off flavors by conditioning too long, not possible. Flavors will blend together and mellow time.
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    ...also when dry hopping, the instructions say to add the hops after 1 week in the fermenter, but I was told it was better to add them about 5 days before bottling.
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    @Big Sarge One thing as well - aroma hops are the first thing to fade....both in conditioning as well as on bottle opening. So if you feel like you over did it a bit, you can always give it a little longer to condition out, as well as after opening let the bottle sit for an extra bit.
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    I live on the edge of reckless danger and madness. That being said, your advice here is absolutely spot on.
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    Never taken mine apart either, but if it's mold we're dealing with here I guess I ought to reconsider my routine.
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    i'm not here to give advise about leaving the spigot in place without taking it apart and cleaning before using again, all i'm saying, Is, I HAVE'NT had any issues by Not doing the "taking apart bit". that's all i'm saying BP
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    Thanks for your advice, Creeps. I agree about the whole smell/taste thing. It is currently in week one of lagering at ~55 degrees and I planned on dropping the hops during week three. I like the idea of doing it during the three-day D-rest, which will mean a shorter time with 0.5 oz and therefore not being too forward.
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