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    Oddly - I think the simpler the better. Just the straight up long play IPA was a big hit. I only offered one bottle of novacaine because it is only 5 months old. That was a hit with me as well as my friend who is an actual brain surgeon. If you like beers like Bell's expedition stout, you will like novocaine! Going through the tasting, there is definitely a consistent taste to the Mr. Beer brews I served. They differ but in many there is sort of yeasty taste. I may need to adjust my process. Again, the long play IPA tasted the most like a commercial craft brew. Others like Klondike or Voodoo ale or even the stout had a sort of sweet back bone that I don't usually get from commercial beers. It made me think that the effort put forth for a simple brew, like long play IPA, may provide the best bang for the buck. The more complicated brews are harder to "land". I guess that is what makes them challenging to make.
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    Beer tasting party came and went was a great hit! I appreciate all the help to prepare!
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    What was the hit of the tasting? And how's the Novacaine? That one's in my brew queue.
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    All my fermenters smell like beer. They still ferment fantastically
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    This is what I use; it's the perfume- and dye-free one, of course. I only use it when I have some really stuck-on residue. A little goes a long way; I use about 1/8th of a scoop. Fill the LBK most of the way with warm water, add the Oxiclean, shake it up, and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then pour out the liquid and if there's any wort residue still in the LBK it should easily wipe away with a paper towel. Then rinse it out really, really well. Normally, though, I just do as you do and use unscented soap. That's usually good enough. As I normally brew right after bottling, the next step after cleaning is to go straight to adding the sanitizer into the LBK.
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    I'm going to wild <CENSORED> guess that he is going to use cooking extract, the stuff that you use when making stuff like cookies, cakes, etc. If that is the case, from what I've been told, it doesn't have sugar but is VERY concentrated. If the bottle of the extract comes with an eye dropper, I *personally* wouldn't use more than one drop per 740ml, but do some bottles with two drops (mark each bottle as to how many drops each has). You don't want to overpower the beer. You want to enhance the flavor subtlety
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    Klondike Gold will be on hand!
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    I just tried the long play straight up as well,,thought It was really good as is.... I probably wouldn't do a thing to it....but I do wanna try Mr beers tangerously hoppy recipe that uses the long play....sounds like a good tasting party to me.... Good luck!!...?
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    Welcome... You may want to take a look at the Mexican Cerveza extract...
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