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    You don't add sugar to the beer in the bottle, you put sugar in the bottle and add the beer. What's "a German blend"? No Mr. Beer that I know.
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    Ok. Thanks Josh. I already have the second batch bottled, but my next batch I will allow a longer sit time in the barrel.
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    For your water, just find a nice spring water that you like the taste of and use that (I use Zephyrhills). And if you look a couple of posts up you'll see one by a forum user named RickBeer. If you look at his signature block you'll see a bunch of links. I highly recommend you pop a cold one, prop your feet up, and read them. You'll make mistakes. But you'll learn from them and get better. My first couple of batches produced some not very good beer (water too warm, wrong type of water, pitched yeast too warm, fermented too warm, drank too soon). Now I'm brewing stuff I'm proud to have family and friends try. Oh, and welcome to the hobby...and the forum!
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    Why are you using distilled water? I don't see where you topped off to 8 quarts after adding the wort. Do not shake the wort after a day or two of fermenting. At the worst, you aerated it after it should have been aerated.
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    Okay, having had a bit of time finally to give this the thought it deserves, I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. Sonora Saison 1X Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME 1X Golden LME 4 oz Special Roast 4 oz Pilsen 1/2 oz Motueka hops at flameout 1/2 oz Motueka hops dry hop 1 week before bottling 1X Jalepeno pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout 2X Habenero pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout Zest of 1 lime, soaked in grain alcohol overnight, a week before bottling Gigayeast Saison #2 Belgian Saison Yeast Cerveza Para Guardar (Bier de Garde) 1X Canadian Blonde HME 1X Pale LME (Note: The style is supposed to be 6%-8%, and I'm not sure the adjuncts will be enough to push me over. It's supposed to be a strong beer that needs cellaring. 2 HMEs? 2 LMEs? I dunno yet) 4 oz Pilsen 2 oz Biscuit 2 oz Caramunich 1/2 oz Saaz at flameout (If I up the malt, I'll have to up this) 1 oz mesquite flour 1 cup agave nectar GigaYeast Golden Pear Belgian Yeast 1/2 tsp Irish Moss x 10 min boil, since that yeast is a low flocculator @Bonsai & Brew, @MrWhy, what say you?
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    Sounds as if the beer was not fully fermented. Also, as RickBeer pointed out, prime the bottle with sugar first then fill with the fermented wort. Lastly (also already mentioned) let that beer condition a few weeks at room temperature, then pop it in the fridge for a few days.
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    Saturday I brewed a 5 gallon batch with the same grain bill, adding 8 ounce of flaked oats with all Simcoe Hops. I'm hoping the addition of flaked oats will give more body. If it turns out how I expect this will be my base pale ale grain bill.
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    Both of my batches came out great.
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    I brewed another batch with the base grain bill and yeast but substituted Azacca for the hops. So far, the samples I have handed out, I'm getting great feedback. Everyone likes it.
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    Another phenomenal brew from me. Well balanced, great aroma, flavor, color and clarity. Out of two cases I have a six pack left after handing out samples to friends and family. This one is definitely in the rotation with no tweaks.
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    First off, if you just bottled it, wait a minimum of three weeks before opening one. And you'll want to let the beer sit at room temperature during this time. Then put one in the fridge for three days before popping it open and trying it. As for the fizzing, walk us through your process: What exactly did you brew? How long was the beer in the Little Brown Keg fermenting? Did you sanitize everything? How big were the bottles you used? How much priming sugar did you use per bottle? Did you put the sugar in first, then the beer, or vice versa?
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    La Noche Oscura Cuadruplicar Fuerte (a remix of the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout) Version Definitiva Base: 1 Bewitched Amer 2 Pale LME 2 Smooth LME 2 Booster (new boosters...apparently 2 new = 1 old). Steeping Grains: 2 Row Munich Crystal 60 Black (half) Chocolate (half) Hops: El Dorado Additionals: Cinammon Stick 2 Ancho Chiles Vanilla Yeast: T-58 ---- Decided to go with Bewitched Amber instead of Brown. Got rid of the robust and upped to 2 pale, 2 smooth, and 1 booster (well I guess it is two now.) We cannot call this a Caudruplicar FUERTE without it being Mas Fuerte. Reworked the grain bill a bit going purely on guts and machismo. Got rid of the cacao because I forgot to order it. Decided on El Dorado hops because El Dorado is a spanish word. Ingredients ordered. This will be the first brew in the queue after I bottle what I've got fermenting.
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