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    A whopping 0.6 oz of Columbus! Ill just dry hop with it. Bit i started with one rhizome of Columbus and one of centennial and if im not mistaken i now have 2 columbus and 16 centennial... that was a good investment. Hop planter is on my mind now. Year two hops will need more room
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    1) Yes. If you ferment for 18 days, then you can cold crash at that point. Or, if you prefer to go the full 21 days, then cold crash for 3 days. It won't really make any difference 99.9% of the time. As a new brewer, I'd go the 21 + 3 unless your pipeline is suffering. 2) What mostly messes things up is that 3 hours. If you're going to cold crash, and you then let it sit on the counter for 3 hours, you might as well not cold crash. I also ferment in the basement. I cold crash with my LBK's tilted (see Propping Up Your LBKs, No Trubal), and then carry them upstairs SLOWLY in a Rubbermaid tub (also propped up inside the tub, I have ramps I built but anything works). Don't carry it upstairs until you are 100% ready to bottle, then proceed to fill bottles.
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    Yes sir! The pic below is me wrapped in only part of 1 of our 6 bines from year two when we grew hops. That right there almost filled a 7 gallon bucket by itself.
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    At 3 weeks, it seemed as if it was not ready for the next phase of carbonization and bottle conditioning. Will go one more week in the LBK. Gut reaction is it will match a classic. -ATOR style in all aspects at it hibernates until Fashing. Based on where it is now, I may have to hide from friends!
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    For the last two years I've brewed the Punkin Lager recipe and a variation of the Punkin Lager recipe and unfortunately, always had some small chunks in most of the bottles. Just brewed the Pumpkin Weissbier recipe and decided to cold crash for 48 hours. Did wonders. Every single bottle came out clear. Kevin
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    Ok, taking into consideration all the suggestions and everything I read and the conversation I had with a Coopers representative I have decided to go forward. I washed and sanitized all items used to divide the extract and brew enhancer. I will be doing three batches, Dark Ale 1, Dark Ale 2 and Dark Ale 3. Dark Ale 1 will be made into wort minutes after the division, Dark Ale 2 one week later and Dark Ale 3 one week after Dark Ale 2. So each, a week apart and DA 2 and DA 3 extract will be kept in the refrigerator. The Coopers extract I placed in hot water for 30 minutes. This made it very easy to just pour into the three, 2 cup size, bowls. The bowls turned out to be the perfect size, as the extract comes up to the brim leaving just enough room to seal it with the lid. The brew enhancer would have been easier to divide, but mine was hard as a brick, so I had to break it apart first. Once broke up I divide it three ways in zip lock bags, by weight. Just storing these in my brew closet until needed. The yeast, I did not use my mirror and razor blade to make three equal lines. Most opinions, I received, did not like the idea. Most suggested I arrange the yeast, in the pack, so I could pour out about a third of the contents and as long as I was close, with my division, everything would be good. After pitching DA 1, I folded the packet over and sealed it with tape. Then I tossed the packet in a small "Angry Birds" snack bag and in the the refrigerated. I will let it warm up when come time to pitch DA 2 and DA 3. Making the wort, I am mixing the brew enhancer in with the 4 cups of cool water and then bringing it to a slow boil. Flame out and then add the extract. Then just follow the Mr. Beer instructions to the LBK for fermentation. Each batch will go through the following: Three weeks fermenting in the LBK. Three days cold crashing. Four weeks carbonation and conditioning. Three days in the refrigerator before enjoying..... a least this is my hope. Of course there was one message I received which said I was an idiot for doing this and I was going to die a torturous and immediate death.............wondering how this torturous and immediate death thing works........ lets find out.
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    Hey Guys!!!! Just a quick update on what has been going on with my brewing i recently started a new position at work so haven't been spending much time on the forums but it hasn't kept me from BREWING!!! My first batch by now is obviously done, the first one that i tried had a bit of a cider taste like most of you said it would and i think it was due to improper temperature. I decided to take on some of your advice and continue to let the first batch condition, man did that do wonders for the taste! I have since upgraded to 4 Lbks, (that didn't take long haha), My second batch of LBKs were fermented with my new Mini-Fridge and INKBird, and now am on my Third batch of LBK's fermenting. This hobby is addicting and i am so glad that i finally decided to start. Below is a list of what i will be working with in the near future. Once again thanks for all your help, and happy Brewing. Long Play IPA-First Batch (Conditioned and Enjoying!) That Voodoo You Do (Bottled 8/25) Hopiphany White IPA (Bottled 8/27) Bohemian Bronze (Bottled 8/27) Watermelon Wheat (Brewed 8/29) Brown Bag Special (Brewed 8/29) Pumpkin Rising (Going to Brew 9/10)
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    Yeah, I pulled that sample. 1st of all, let me say I expected about 6.6% abv. It's 6.563% currently. That's satisfying by itself, but there is zero cider taste at all. In fact, the sample tasted great with no conditioning whatsoever! That Willamette seems to be doing just what I hoped for. This batch may be special!
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    Nearly any other brew I make is fine as far as clarity, but the pumpkin recipes with the puree -- that's another story. Also, if you're going commando with your hops, I'd highly recommend CC as well. Kevin
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