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    Great questions! There's no need to re-rack, and I wouldn't bother re-aerating (although some will probably disagree with the aerating thing). I'd just pitch the new yeast in the current fermenter. The dead yeast will act as a nutrient for the live ones.
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    Yeah, this is exactly what I was wondering about. I tightened it pretty good when I first closed it up, so I was wondering if that was a problem. Sounds like it isn't! I did loosen the lid JUST a bit (didn't even need a quarter turn as Shrike mentioned), and it must have let out a bit of CO2 because the keg was slightly more flexible. I'll check it tonight or tomorrow morning and see what it's like, and maybe tighten it back down a bit. I think I just need to get through this first fermentation to realize that it's not actually going to explode on me. Trying to channel Papazian right now..."Relax. Don't Worry. Have a homebrew."
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    Mine are rock hard even when they're empty. Those two notches in the lil of the mouth are there to vent the CO2. I'm not sure you can tighten it enough negate the function of the vent system. I could be wrong though.
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    What are ya doin squeezing the LBK???!!! Lol!! But seriously though, yes, co2 is supposed to do some escaping in the fermentation process. Co2 is a byproduct of the yeast doing it's thing. In this phase you want some to escape but also have enough in the lbk to keep the headspace full of co2 as to not let oxygen get at your magic elixer. Now come bottling time you will add some sugar and the yeast will again go into action and make some more co2 but this time you want to keep it in the bottle so it carbonates your brew.
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    Hi All, first post. Starting to get back into brewing with Mr. Beer since taking a 2 year break. Bought up a bunch of Mr. Beer kits around locally for cheap, to get some additional LBK's. Extracts where past the expired date ( as was the yeast) which I didn't know at the time. From all my research, the extract should be fine, but yeast is most likely dead. Brewed up the wort, got the temps to the correct range, and pitched the 5oz. packet of Mr. Beer dry yeast. Waited a week, checking it every other day, and no fermentation. After researching and finding out the yeast were probably dead.....I went to my local HBS and picked up an 11.5oz of S-33, and pitched the whole thing. (The guy at the store said I could pitch the entire 11.5 oz and it wouldn't harm anything, even though the Mr. Beer recipe only utilizes a 5 oz. packet. ) Waited a week........checking every other day......no fermentation............scratching my head, and decided to do a gravity reading of the wort..........1.071...........accounted for temperature and calibration of hydrometer....no fermentation has occurred..........still scratching my head. On the way home from work the other day, I decided to "check" the expiration dates on the other S-33 yeast the HBS sold me, as well as the wheat yeast he sold me..........the other packet of S-33 had an expiration date of February of 2016! I can only assume (cause I didn't check) the packet of S-33 I pitched a week ago was most likely expired as well. Called up the local HBS, after a bit of arguing and him checking his refrigerator....he concurred that he sold me dead, expired yeast. he said he would replace at no charge. Here I am.....almost 3 weeks in with Wort in the LBK this entire time...doing nothing....I now have new, un-expired S-33 ready to pitch into this batch and get some fermentation started.... Here are my questions............Should I just pitch in the S-33 and let it do it's thing? Should I sanitize a spoon and mix up the wort a lot (aerate it) and then pitch the new yeast? Or.....should I try and "rack" the wort and use a filtering screen to get it to a new LBK, to try and get as much as the dead yeast out of the wort as possible??? Will the dead yeast in the wort be a problem, or do I need to get the wort off the dead yeast? Right now, there is approx. 16 oz. of dead yeast floating around in my un-fermented wort. I know this was a ton of information, but if anyone could steer me in the right direction to save this brew.....I would greatly appreciate it.
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    So I have the absolute best solution ...... You need to start 2 batches together :-D and give them 1/2 the yeast each. I feel sure Mr B Josh will not disagree with this one - especially if you make another order to make it possible.
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    I agree. sprinkle it in slowly and shake the packet gently so the yeast distributes over the surface and does not clump. Should not need to stir then.
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    didn't the really really old lbk's have a standard airlock at one time? I like standard airlocks. watching all the little bubbles and bouncing thingamajig makes me feel like my yeasties are singing my praises for being such a great host.
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    It can't hurt, but from what I understand it's not that critical with batches this size. If you DO decide to do it make sure you sanitize the spoon or whisk that you use. Some boiling water will do the trick.
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    With how cheap dry yeast is, I simply don't think it's worth it to store half a pack for several months after being opened. I prefer a strong starting fermentation with fresh yeast. Old yeast or under-pitching can promote off-flavors. I'm more than willing to spend a few bucks on a fresh yeast to guarantee a strong ferment with very little lag time. Especially when I'm too lazy to do a starter.
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    I know that officially it does not store well, but I have been successful storing it at 65 deg and using it months later. Except with Lager yeasts. Then I will use the whole packet to ensure clean fermentation. I spread the yeast out in the pack before opening to get 1/2 at either end, then fold it in 1/2 (with equal amounts both sides of the fold) and cut off the desired end with scissors and empty out the yeast in that 1/2 side. Then I seal the pack with folded scotch tape over the cut end all along the opening and extending both sides to seal it well. (I seal hop packets the same way.) If one is not sure that will work, have a spare yeast packet (Mr B will be happy to sell you another :-D - or use the Mr B. yeast and add more after 24 hours if nothing is happening. So far I did not have to add when using saved 1/2 packets. Probably some has died but there has been sufficient left to do the job. Maybe I was lucky. However, if you try this you are on your own although I will cheer or cry with you. This my personal view and does not reflect Mr Beer instructions or policy.
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    We've all been there. No need to tighten it back down. There'll still be enough of a CO2 cushion to keep outside air from getting in. When I brew a batch I always tighten the lid down, then back it off 1/4 turn. Never had an issue...
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    So....should I pitch the entire 11.5oz S-33 and let 'er rip...........or should I split the yeast in half and save the rest for another batch since its only the 2 gallons...?
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    Hey man, microorganisms gotta eat, too.
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    You can loosen the lid by 1/4 turn without risking outside infection. Welcome to the forum!
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    I've had a plastic bottle bomb, on my last batch before my "hiatus". I've talked about this before, I'm 99% sure I had a stalled fermentation because my FG was too high. I unwisely bottled it anyway. Several days into conditioning, the wife and I came home and "Why do I smell beer" was her question. The beers were in a cabinet in our bedroom. I don't think I need to elaborate any further. Lol
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    Great thread and thanks to all the posters. I had a CAL and added another CAL in the last sale and it came with the booster and I was surprised until I read this thread. I also thought about splitting the booster between the two and got some great feedback and decided I will (and can). I am more or less a lurker on this forum but from time to time I need to chime in thank all of you who contribute and to say you are making me a better brewer! My wife and I drank my Horses Ass Pale Ale outside a concert. When we went in I got her a Shock Top and myself a Modelo. We both agreed I am brewing better beer. Thanks again guys!!!
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    when the instructions say to add booster slowly, I know y now! didn't read that part til after I dumped the whole pack at once lol!
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