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    That is a recipe from @hotrod3539 and I believe it was handed down from a real brewer if im not mistaken. I do however believe that any recipe is just a recipe and the real crafting comes on the brewing process. But i wouldnt do a two hearted clone and enter it into competition. Its not mine. You know? That recipe is the bleeding buckeye that he brewed
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    I bottled a batch of Sticky Wicket about a month ago and had one last weekend. Maybe a bit early but I couldn't wait. Darn good stuff but I forced myself to leave the rest to continue conditioning.
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    I'll be pouring my first one of these this weekend and am looking forward to it.
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    Maybe so, but it sure made for some awesome pictures... not as good as "Deez Nuts", but I digress Feeling bad for "talking trash" as I usually do not do that (ask @Shrike, I believe it was, about how much trash talking I do about beers lol). The honest truth is I expected OSU to beat us that night. I had already counted it as one of the at least 3 losses I projected for the season. I personally thought Baker was crazy to come back another season after losing Westbrook, Mixon and Perine. Crazy, but with a Heisman I guess I'm just happy to be in the Playoffs. What will happen will happen. Alrighty, sorry for going off topic there y'all
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    Yes, the Bleeding Buckeye recipe comes from Elevator Brewing Co. Here in Columbus Ohio. And it is one they have in production and do retail it. I agree with ya Creeps on your thought process about not entering it into a competition.
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    I have an American Porter standard that I made with the booster only. It's at 8 weeks in the bottle now. I had one last night and it is pretty good, so I can only imagine what the SWOS is like.
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    I have only used the 740ml bottles. I add a bit more water in the LBK along with booster in the wort then tip the LBK to just squeeze out 12 bottles. I think that works out to 2.25 gallons instead of 2. I understand this amounts to watering down my beer but really I doubt I know the difference. I have no problem draining the whole 740ml if I feel like it (hell it's only 2 beers). When I order a tall draft at a restaurant, and I always order a tall draft, it's nearly the same amount. If I save 1/2 for the next day or even a couple days later they've been fine too.
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    Yup, in that case, I agree with you. This goes back to the old days here in the MRB boards, where I was the one that said basically what you just did and was called out for it. But, I also believe that while you (a general you) brew it, it is "yours", but it is not really, unless you created that recipe. Otherwise, you are just brewing someone else's beer (much like using someone else recipe to make pies). Same goes for a clone. How it started back then is I brewed a friends porter recipe and I called it his porter and I got ripped for that. I stand by my comment even today as I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due. If the recipe came from a direct friend, then yeah, I would say brew it and enter it as long as that friend is golden with you doing that. Where that came from, I agree with you on not doing that. Very understandable.
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    Ok... I'll bite. Why so secretive and why not enter it? I personally have never done comps (I see no personal reason to - business wise, I get it), but if that's your thang, why not?
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    Oh it is. 10 gallons of it im gonna brew. Theres a competition coming up, now would be a prime opportunity to brew a beer for it. I prob wouldn’t enter this one though, i wouldnt feel right. Thats the only thing weighing on my mind.
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    Is it what i think it is?? If it is, i think you will like it.
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    I have decided my next brew, but im not saying what it is. All I will say is that the yeast is wyeast british ale II #1335
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    You're probably right because 50 IBU isn't bad at all.
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    If you like that porter, make this: Mr Beer Baltic Porter - with maybe a couple shots of cold espresso (I have not tried adding coffee but others here do that to beer.) It is on sale I used the warm ferment with S-04 yeast. I see that is package option out of stock but the cold ferment is still available. I would get that and buy the S-04 yeast as well unless you have a spare ale yeast. You can use the lager yeast for other beers later. OR if you are feeling like branching out with a recipe that worked well for me ...with grain steep and hop boil (you can also do it without). It will be a little sweeter and you can always add some cold black coffee to juice up that coffeeness if you want. But for me this is like dessert without the coffee. Double Deluxe Milk Choc Porter. Porter HME, 1x Robust, 1xSmooth LMEs, 1/4 cup lactose (2 oz?), 1/2 oz EKG hop in a bag 5 min boil (leave in LBK during ferment), liquor from 20 min steep 160 deg 2 oz choc grains. Mr B supplied ale yeast. Ferment @ 63-65. Process: Steep grains in muslin bag with hot water to cover keep hot (150-160) for 20-25 min, drain and rinse bag through with cup hot water. Discard grain bag. Make drained liquid up to 4 cups volume if less. Boil the hops in a muslin bag in the liquid. Transfer hop bag to LBK with the 1 gal cold water in it. Dissolve lactose in wort, dissolve all liquid malts in wort, transfer to LBK, and top up to line. add yeast when under 75 deg. Ferment @ approx. 65 deg if you can. Take out the hop bag before bottling - it gets in the way. If you like it stronger, add a pack of pale LME too.
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    still waiting for you to throw one up............so to speak
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    The Chocolate Stout is wonderful, however, the five bottles which coffee concentrate were added to have to be named Black Coffee Stout. The 1 tbsp of coffee concentrate has overpowered the other flavours in the beer and dominates so much that the beer has the flavor of a cup of black Joe. It is different and strong, but I notice that I kept returning to my glass for another slip of the strange bitter brew, until it was gone.
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