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    Welcome Dunkin dog, Many tips and tricks and plenty of advice. First piece of advice, seeing that you are just now joining the forum and your kit arrives today, don't brew it today. Take at least a week and read, read and then when you think you have read enough, read some more. Give yourself a week to research what advice this forum has to offer and make sure you are set up for success before you brew your first batch. You will be thankful you waited a week. Dawg
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    Hello Everyone! Im making my first attempt as soon as the kit comes in today and am looking forward to it. I’m going to be brewing the Bewitched Amber Ale. Any tips, tricks and advise? Thanks in advanced. I’ll post updates as time goes on. Dunkin Dog
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    @Jdub, Photos from two of my Rauchbier brews. Actually seeing a hot break was interesting. I attempted a BIAB mash. Much easier. Quite pleased with the results sparging with a collander.
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    Just reading up on proper temperature control could make the difference between an end product that discourages you and one that makes you go "Wow, I made tasty beer in my kitchen!" Oh, and welcome to a great hobby!
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    I would probably enhance that recipe with 2 oz Carapils (for body and head retention) and maybe 2-4 oz malted wheat. Or you can do 2-4 oz flaked barley and 2-4oz 2-row. Or if you want a maltier beer, add 2-4 oz of Munich or Vienna. Read the descriptions of the malt and decide for yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment a little.
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    I made it as per the recipe and it's great. As to what to do with the extra grains: - put them in a muslin sack and steep in four cups of water for 30 minutes at 155*. - stir in that extra booster you ordered - bring to a boil, stir in 1 cup brown sugar until dissolved - remove from heat and stir in the extra Robust LME you ordered along with one can of St Pat's HME - ferment in the LBK as normal. After one week use a very clean spoon to add 2 TBS vanilla extract. Don't stir, just open the lid, add the vanilla, and close the lid. - at bottling, add one shot of cold-brewed coffee to each bottle. It'll be a nice coffee stout with a hint of vanilla and a little extra ABV.
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    Welcome to the forum and the hobby! Kudos to checking in here first before starting your first brew! What they said above is so true and please do read on the importance of temperature control, and sanitation, and feel free to ask questions. I just started this in Feb, and unfortunately did not find this treasure trove of a forum before I had brewed two batches and though I followed the instructions to the letter that wasn't enough! For sure the first one fermented a bit too warm that first crucial week and I got green apple flavored Oktoberfest. My second, Bewitched, has been conditioning for a month and untried at this point. Batches 3-5 though are another story altogether thanks to my new friends and their advice on temp control, procedures, yeast selection, bottling, and me poring over everything I could find on here to brew a better beer.
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    I think I speak for all forum users when I say I am disappointed that your response didn't crack open good information, you know bare facts.
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    @MRB Josh R, I don't claim to have anywhere near the experience that you do, nor am I conversant in every brewing technique, but could you explain, for the education of all on the forum, how one "ass(es)" 2-4 oz of Munich or Vienna"? Specifically, the steps in the assing technique?
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    Just scale the recipe to the LBK. For example, many AG recipes are for 5 gallons of beer. If you want two gallons, scale it back by 40%. Also, there were rumors floating around here about a year ago that MRB might be putting out some AG recipes made for the LBK. Any word on that, @MRB Josh R?
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    You could probably do BIAB with Mr. Beer for not much investment in extra equipment, if you already have a large enough pot to fit it in. BIAB = Brew in a bag.
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    PLEASE keep us updated on ALL your brewing notes on this one I am a total supporter and if this turns out for you ill try it too. If people in history would have been scared to pair things that didn't go together we would have missed out on many wonderful things. In fact i have learned a few mixing things in my life that are so amazing such as plain fritos on ice cream and ketchup on mashed potatoes in fact i made some amazing christmas chili from experimenting once lots of nutmeg and cinnamon and cumin, fresh peppermint and ceyan... it was a hit at the pot luck at work but i bet if i told anyone i was doing it before hand people would have naysayd me so DONT LISTEN
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    I hope I didn't create something that has made @MRB Renae uncomfortable. What I was hoping is to have the folks at Mr. Beer appear on camera so we can meet them. So far we've had @MRB Josh R and @MRB Rick. If she, or @MRB Tim want to make a guest appearance, that would be cool Regardless, hopefully I can meet everyone in person if I can pull off my planned trip to Tucson in late September. yoda
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    Dunkin Dog, Research it on the forum. Go back to the main forum page and select the "New Brewers and FAQ" forum. Once open go to the upper right hand corner and type "Temperature Control" in the search box and click on the magnifying glass You will have all of the information you could want on Temperature control. Do this for any basic questions you have and then ask if you can't find an answer to your question. Dawg
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    Yeah, those grains would work. Maybe you should wait and see how much sugar @Cato adds for bottling so you can gauge off of his. I can not over emphasize how aggressive saison yeast is.
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    timelord.. nope. a few of us here are old farts. remember Dennis and Mr Baynter the Painter? how about debby weems? debby sadly ended her life when it was made known that the capt kangaroo show was being cancelled. i still remember her mousy look and singing songs like 'how did the jelly get in the doughnut?'.. and 'inchworm'. started watching him around 1967 and stopped when they aired the last show. couldnt stand bill cosby's picture pages. one of my fav episodes was when capt showed the cartoon based on the reading of the chinese book 'the story about Ping'. (the duck)... did you know that bob keeshan was formerly a marine? and that he was the first Clarabelle the Clown? oh... beer. there. i'm back on subject. mr greenjeans -those cans arent that old PROVIDED that they were stored in a stable climate like indoors. check for swelling in the cans or dents. when you open them give them a sniff. if it smells like hopped malt, youre good. booster just gets hard as it ages. lme packs if sealed and not swollen should be good too. use the yeast packs for sacrificial yeast and get fresh yeast for brewing.
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    If the recipe is for a 5 gallon batch, you would use 2/5 the grain bill, and hops(40%) to scale it for the LBK. I use a stock pot on my electric range and sparge with a Tupperware collander. It's not as difficult as it seems.
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    RDWHAHB = Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Home Brew
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    The only gear you can use for AG would be the fermenter, but I did mention that it is great for all-grain test batches or small batches. I also stressed how much easier it is to use MRB products than all-grain. Not trying to deter people from MRB because it's our "bread and butter", just simply showing them the processes involved in all-grain.
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    HEck I am doing something people on here told me not to do with a brew but I was like heck I am going to do it because no one else had so how does anyone know how itll turn out and a taste before bottling it tasted pretty good . I am too worried to say what I did to an oktoberfest because I know I am new at this and experimenting so soon in is taboo but it is in my blood i cannot help it. If it does turn out i will tell my little dark secret lol
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    OMG I though I was the only person that remembers the captain
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    I have a can of Diablo IPA and a can of St. Patrick's Irish Stout and I'm thinking about mixing the two. What do ya'll think about that combo? Bad idea or not?
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    I have a problem with not being able to leave recipes alone. lol. It's a serious condition! Some might even say dangerous. I managed to fight the temptation though, I didn't use the booster packet in it.
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    Buy 2 gallons of spring water and put them in fridge. If you have a thermometer, place it in the location you currently intend to ferment beer, and monitor temperature.
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    Actually, 2 are missing, but they should be up soon.
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    All of the past videos are now up: https://www.twitch.tv/therealmrbeer/videos/all
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    Just wait til you see your F.G.! Then youll really be shocked
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    After observing the high krausen of my batch, my plan is to follow your recommendation and go with half the MB priming. I have a carton of 16.9 oz swing top bottles that I'll prime with a sugar dot, 1/2 tsp, I'll also use at least one PET bottle primed with 1 tsp sugar so I can squeeze monitor. Lol, all will condition in a covered plastic bin.
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    Apparently, somebody has never read Charlie Parpazian's book. Shameful. LOL.
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    @Creeps McLane I’m gonna go get the stuff for your ipa recipe you posted. I already have the HME can. You still think these steeping grains will do the trick? This is a LBK batch. Thanks jdub
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    That is all I can do i guess THANKS GUYS
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    No worries. Everyone had a laugh about it...lol.
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    Since it was my first time with this brew I went with the recipe.
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    I'm going to let the others on here answer this question.......just wanted to say "LOVE your nickname". Reminds me of my youth
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    Hopefully you explained how to make it using Mr. B components or gear?
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    HAHA I didnt know you were still live and saw you on so I didnt hear what you were saying before i asked if you were archiving videos yet sorry.
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    I have to agree with @RickBeer on this one. The oatmeal will add body and the smooth LME will also add body without adding the dark malt bitterness that Robust LME would do. A good Oatmeal Stout doesn't have much of that dark grain bitterness and I think you will be sorry if you mess with the recipe. Just my 2 cents worth. Dawg
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    us05 (safale/fermentis) does a good job without imparting too many esters. it's kind of a neutral yeast. .. and as mentioned , is forgiving of occasional spikes in temperature. if you had the money you could order a pack with each kit (assuming mr b sells it). save the fromunda yeast and use it as sacrificial yeast when doing high grav beers. you simply boil them in about a quart of water for 10 mins or so, then remove from heat and allow to cool with a cover. when cool dump it into your lbk. the dead yeast will feed the yeast you pitch in. think of it as doggie treats for yeast. you dont have to do this but i treat the yeast the best i can to keep them happy.
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    Wow. WOw. WOW! Eat a Snickers, Rick! You're being a real buzzkill. 😝
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    Nah, that's nothing to worry about. Burleywine and Lock/Stock recipes both have more malt than that. Just keep the temp at the low end of the recommended range.
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    could make for a VERY interesting flavor......a very hoppy stout. The only thing I'd worry about is the amount of malt for an LBK.
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    I brewed the tb ipa a few weeks ago and steeped the grains perfectly ( I think). They smelled so good. Pretty intrigued by the PM recipes. Brew was in cooler at low 60’s for 1st week. Now just leaving alone for final 2 weeks. Not even changing water bottles anymore bc I keep holding 65-68. Probe taped to lbk. Can’t wait to try this in a month or so.
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    Right. Consistent carb levels regardless of bottle size. I have 12, 16, 16.9, 22 and 33.8 oz bottles. Also, less trub. Also, cost. Table sugar in a 10 pound bag is much cheaper. Edit: To expand on the cost, a bag of sugar might be $0.40 per pound on sale (maybe less). A pound has 453.592 grams. I think most sugar cubes are 4 grams. That makes the table sugar equivalent cost $.0035. If there are ~126 cubes in box of sugar, does that box cost $0.44? While it doesn't seem like a lot, look at what you make your beer with and what you pay for it. Sugar is one example. Others are hops, often sold for $1.99 - $2.99 per oz (at my LHBS). I found a source for $0.75 to $1.25 per oz, in 4 oz packets - after 10 recipes using 2 oz per recipe, I would have spent at most $25, whereas others might have spent $39.80. Also bottle caps. Many buy 144 for $4.99 or so, that's $0.035 per cap. I paid $.015 per cap. Doesn't sound like a lot, but after 1,000 bottles I've spent $15 and they've spent $34.65. Lastly, yeast. Often sold for $3.99 per packet. I found a source for around $2.75 per packet. While small in packets, pouches, or per bottle, it all adds up. Savings = more beer made for the same dollars. My cost per 12 pack (which excludes priming sugar, but includes all other ingredients, and not caps) is $12.82 per case across the 100+ cases of beer I've brewed.
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