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    Ran across this yeast on one of my suppliers sites this morning. It's a liquid yeast and assuming it's for a 5 gallon batch. Not cheap at 8.95 but for some of you that live in hot south or southwest states and fight some temp control........ Omega Yeast Labs HotHead Ale OYL-057 A highly flocculent Norwegian ale strain with an astoundingly wide temperature range featuring little change in flavor across the range. Clean enough for both American and English styles, it has a unique honey-like aroma with over-ripe mango. Complementary to modern fruity hops. Temperature control is unnecessary with this strain. Flocculation: Medium High Attenuation: 75-85% Temperature Range: 62-98 F Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV
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    @Cato that is a great tip. I am going to try that. checked my local HBS and they carry it for $7.95. Wish i had tried that for my Horse's ass ale that I have fermenting. sounds like that would be ideal. oh well.
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    I used the Omega tropical ale yeast on an all grain 5.5 gallon 2x IPA batch last summer. The batch fermented primary at 74 degrees, secondary at 68 and the final product was amazing.
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    It's coming up on my second time to mess around with the CAL. This time I'm mainly clearing out some grains and hops that I've got in the fridge that I have nothing else to use in. CALEX#2: - One CAL HME - Two of the "new" booster packets. - 2oz. each Munich, flaked red wheat, and two-row Mash grains for 30 minutes, add booster, bring to a boil. - 1/2oz Waimea for 30 minutes - 1/2oz Citra for 20 - 1/2oz Citra for 10 I've got excess MRB yeast on hand so I'll probably just use that. According to QBrew it'll be about 5%-ish and nicely bitter at about 80 IBU. It should be a nice, refreshing brew for summer.
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    $ 8.95 is not cheap but if you harvest your yeast and reuse it, the price per batch can be fairly cheap.
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    Thats what i used on my last ipa. It was wonderful!
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    FYI, I had multiple problems trying to view the feed today. I tried going in and out a few times, closing my browser and pulling it back up...nothing. I'm a computer geek by trade, so I know the basics. Recheck the firewall. Nope. Clear out the temp files and cache. Nope. Gave up. Tried it again about 3 hours after the episode was over. Nothing. Then, I remembered something I used to tell people when I first started in the corporate world on the help desk. First restart the computer, then power off/on Restart worked. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH Although, Now, I can watch back episodes Yoda........going back to Computer Sciences 101
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    I am new but have ideas. Have 2 porter batches fermenting. In one i want to try the smoked extract flavoring. Other batch want to try the coconut and the toasted marshmallow flavorings.
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    I have Peanut Butter extract actually so it reminded me that this fall I may put a little of that and a little of the grape into a porter to see if I get a PB&J Porter -- though, I must admit, I'm not really that excited to try something like that! Kevin
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    Not grape, but 4/27, I started a watermelon wheat and a cream ale. Instead of actual watermelon, I'm going with the extract when it's time to bottle and the cream ale, I have a vanilla and peanut butter extract that I'm going to try in a couple of the bottles. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.
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    Made the Shade Tree Kolsch and added booster to bring it up a bit to what I often drank in Cologne. May play around with it a bit next time. I fermented and carbonated it as cool as I could (54º) and, of course, cold crashed it well prior to bottle time. Liked the taste at bottling. and hope to enjoy one later this week after 8 weeks conditioning. (Photo of Fredrich Pabst)
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