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    esters are usually created during active fermentation ie the first week. kristof is spot on. by week three they will eat whatever is around like waste compounds created during active fermentation. if you dont mind leaving a fan plugged in and running , you can use a fermentation bucket in a laundry basket with water up to the wort line. have the fan circulate air over it. (swamp cooler). i personally wouldnt worry by the mid to end of week 2. in fact i usually let the temp climb by the end of week 2 to encourage fat bloated yeast to get busy cleaning up shop.
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    Passed it a couple of weeks ago. Judging this weekend at the Ohio State Fair.
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    unless you are using a yeast that pees out flavors at a higher temp that you want. example: when making a hefeweizen... high temps = banana / bubble gum esters. or a saison ... high temp = yeasty funky fruitiness. ale yeast usually makes green apple cider flavor if your ambient gets too high (like over 68f).
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    Thank you everyone for your input. I also use the bottle and a cooler method, but I'm not always able to be home within the 12-15 hours a bottle melts or cools down (depending on time of year). Can't really afford anything nicer. It was day 8, hence my concern. I assume it was mostly fermented by then, but who knows. Guess all I can do is wait and see anyway! But still your response makes me feel less nervous.
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    @Jdub Same here as far as the room temps. One day it could be 62 and the next it's 75. lol
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    I’m starting to wonder about conditioning temps. I store all mine upstairs where the temp is 68-78. I always figured it’s supposed to be warmer for conditioning. Don’t have a constantly cool place like a basement to store in.
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    @youdontknowme311 perhaps try conditioning in a cooler location. Has the taste progressively gotten worse as time went on? I store all my beer in the basement closet under the stairs. Its always the coldest spot in my house.
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    I use a inkbird controller. I pitch yeast around 64-68. Lol Wolverine. Always ferment for 3 weeks then cold crash. Spigot is always clean, always pull it apart afterwards.
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    What kind of temp controller? what temp are you pitching at? Whos your favorite x-men character? how long are you fermenting? is your spigot clean? I dont think its cleanliness. I think you’re sensitive to that taste. That or you’re perception of sweetness is actually cider.
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