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    I wont be able to make it......... Its my busy time at work, hence why i havent checked in in a while. workin 10-12 hr days 6 days a week. May, June, July, August, and into September i get the pleasure of having no life sadly. That said, I truly do enjoy my job in the commercial HVAC industry..... been doing it 13 years.
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    no prob. save your money and time for mid-October. rumer has it...
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    Passed it a couple of weeks ago. Judging this weekend at the Ohio State Fair.
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    trust me, Jungle Jim's is AMAZING. I have been there many times. I will be there
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    @MiniYoda, I can't find a video from Modern Marvel's visit but this clip isn't bad.
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    Can't allow you to hit my hometown without some kind of welcome.
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    I'm working out the logistics of this one. If I go, I'll head out Friday morning so that I can check in to the hotel and go to the Friday night festivities. Sleep in Saturday morning to head back home by noon.
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    My ticket for Jungle Jim's came in the mail yesterday, so baring medical or vehicle issues, I'll be there
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