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    I brewed the Cooper's as 6 gal, split into 3 LBKS. using booster instead of dextrose, and adding different Pride of Ringwood Hop treatments after looking at the Coopers AU recipes. It is a very fruity drink. The 2 different hop treatments were not much different in outcome. Original recipe called for HME + 1.5kg LME + 500g DME + 300g Dextrose in 22.5L. Coopers adapts their volumes also in the recipes for different outcomes. In 6 gal is it different from the Seasonal though. So I translated to using DME only and Booster. Cooper's Sparkling Ale #1 Cooper original recipe - 1/3 can HME + add 566g (20oz) light malt and 100g (4 oz) dextrose ( or 150g (5.3 oz) booster) Cooper's Sparkling Ale #2 - original + 0.5 oz hop aroma 5 min boil Pride of Ringwood leave hops in. Cooper's Sparkling Ale #3 -original + 0.5 oz hop 30 min steep tea Pride of Ringwood https://www.aussiebrewmakers.com.au/libraries/resources/Pale Ale Recipes/Coopers Sparkling Ale.pdf find these handy also, when looking at Cooper's brews: https://us.diybeer.com/brewing-info/recipes https://community.diybeer.com/ With 3 LBKs, it works out reasonably, although I try to get the Cooper's HMEs on sale making it quite cheap. However the recipe (23L) online is different from the refill kit that only contains 1.5kG of DME as additional fermentable. So you can use what you want I guess. It still works out to < $50 for 3 LBKs if you only buy the Brew can from Coopers.
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    Ok, so I looked into this a bit further and it seems the Coopers Sparkling Ale will have a bit more bittering hops to make up for the 6 gallon batch. So your beer may be slightly more bitter than the MRB seasonal can when used in a 2 gallon batch. With that said, it won't be too much more bitter because it's a fairly mild hop and any extra bitterness should fall out with time.
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    ok I am going to try it and get the yeast from MB. I don't mind waiting but the great thing about the seasonal is that as soon as it carbonated it was amazing despite what the directions said conditioning didn't do much it was just as amazing 2 weeks after bottling than 2 months but i am crossing my fingers that this one will be close enough. I do not mind a little bitter. This may actually be even more like my fav FOSTERS PREMIUM ALE so i will try thank you guys for all the research and info.
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    I have been using an "igloo ice cube" cooler with a frozen 16 oz water bottle. After high krausen I have to freeze only about 3/4 of a bottle or it gets too cool (as in the low 60's). It seems to work very well though without having to spend much money.
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