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    How much hops?? The latest 3 Zombies IPA Mr Beer is advertising, using NW Pale as base, uses 3!! oz of Citra hops. Can that really be enough? How does this sound? 1/2 oz -> boil 5 min, add 1/2 oz -> boil 5 min, flameout add 1.0 oz -> ferment 16 days, add 1.0 oz -> ferment 5 days..
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    Awesome.... Thanks for clarification
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    I always go with the more solid color. If theyre both equally solid then i split the difference. To me, the difference in a degree doesnt bother me. As long as i know a ball park figure
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    How do I read the stick on Thermometer... Can't find any info.
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    I did this recipe, and I was kind of worried I'd overdone it but the finished product came out pretty good. If you like Citra hops, you'll like this one. Obviously.
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    The one with 3 colors.....which color should i be looking at?
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    i just bought a 5 gallon dme kit at my LHBS today. i am just going to cut everything in 1/2 and do a 2.5 gal batch in my LBK. i will save other 1/2 for later after seeing how the 1st 1/2 goes.
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    Zorak, I have the same issue with larger gravity 5 gallon batches. If you mill your grains or have them milled and then mix them well, you will have no issue doing two mashes. If the grains are mixed fairly well, even dark grains, your PH differences will be minimal if any at all. Something that I would not worry about. In theory, you could actually mash the base grains and then do a steep with the specialty grains as you would with an extract batch and mix the two resulting wort volumes to make your beginning boil volume. Make sure to calculate your water volumes on a 5 gallon batch and then divide your mash water and sparge water by 2. Also, do the same with your water salts for PH adjustments if you use them. I have not had issues with doing this myself and the beers turned out fine. Dawg
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    Heres lagunitas little sumtin sumtin hop schedule.
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