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    as for the unwritten law Bdawg i think it is written somewhere but it's in sumerian text and i dont read cuneiform. one of the lines in the Song of Ninkasi surely goes: Ninkasi, blessed are we for we have beer and blessed be those to it we treat but cursed be the fool who on receiving it uses your beer to soak his meat!
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    If he is choosing to drink MichUltra over your homebrew it is time to cut him off. I have cut off two of my nephews after they brought a 12 of MichUltra to my Thanksgiving dinner knowing that I have all of the homebrew they could want. They don't even get it offered to them yet I offer to others who are there. My wife says that is mean spirited but I say there are unwritten laws that have been broken and they should be punished.
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    For the last couple of years, my wife's nephew has been providing me with venison jerky. Because it tasted so good and different than in the past, I asked him what the secret was for making jerky. He told me, he marinates the venison in milk...and some of my homebrew. Got a kick out of that until I discovered that's all he was using the beer for. He has his fridge stocked with MichUltra. I'm torn between providing more jerky ingredients to him or sharing it with my side of the family.
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    theres nothing wrong too with liking commercially available swill. i myself drink rolling rock or pbr when i cant afford to make beer.. but to use home brew for a marinade??! what a jerk. even crap beer that was home made and offered as a sample would get consumed. if i hated it , i would tactfully tell you 'hey man, i appreciate the beer but hmm.. ya know it's just not my thing. ' and then i would tell you if asked why i didnt care for it. i wont lie... or use it to wash the floor or soak my feet or as a marinade. 😕 so much work goes into making beer and to your typical true brewer making beer is a labor of love.
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    For anyone who cares, i am always open to beer trades. Ill never mistreat your beer
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    I know this is an old post but it just saved me from wasting money. I'm new to this and still learning. My first batch was Churchill. It went fine and is conditioning now. I get to try it next week. My second batch was the cerialisious stout I found the recipe for here. Last night I moved my LBK so I could bottle today. When I took the lid off it looked horrible. Thought I was going to have to toss it. It looks almost identical to the first pic in this post. Thanks
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    I just wanted to see how these recipes would do after 6 or so months of cold lagering. This year Oktoberfest starts September 22nd, so I'll crack the first ones then.
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    I drink lagers typically 4-5 weeks after pitching yeast. But i break rules...
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    What are you waiting for? Drink those tasty lagers!
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    I admire your dedication! If those were my batches, I would have drank them all by Memorial Day. ps. There is no way that you are going to have twang in these tasty lagers!
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    I did this recipe, and I was kind of worried I'd overdone it but the finished product came out pretty good. If you like Citra hops, you'll like this one. Obviously.
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