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    You cant draw any conclusions about the final flavor from a sample you tasted during fermentation. It will change so much in the next 5 weeks. It's your 1st batch so I know you're anxious, but try to leave it alone. Remember, every sample you pull will take away from your yield.
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    I was intrigued with your question @epete28 . I started searching the forum and found some info that seemed sound. The no rinse cleanser is oxygen based. Sounds like the solution is activated when mixed with water and I would assume at some point in the near future ( day or two maybe) the reaction finishes. Now if you choose Starsan the reaction starts upon contact with an unsanitized surface. Starsan lasts for weeks because of this. I would use no rinse cleanser for 1 brewing session only.
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    Dawg, thanks for the tips. i have 2 dme recipes fermenting now in my coolers. we'll see how it turns out as far as green apple cider taste. can't wait to try it. i am about to try my 1st all grain batch in a week or so as soon as a lbk frees up. Jdub
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    Canmanron, I understand the "twang" that you are getting. I got it from any HME or LME batch that I brewed. Then I tried DME and added my own hops and it all but disappeared. Now with all grain it is gone completely. I use my tap water and campden tablets to dechlorinate it. Maybe try the DME approach or try Distilled water since the LME and HME already have the necessary minerals in them.
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