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    I tasted a good many home brews for years, some very good and others not so. Always looked like too much work and waiting. But after 25 years of marriage, my wife ran out of unique gifts, until MB. Small batches easy process and an hour in the kitchen so I gave it a try. My first beer was not great but there was hope and the support of this forum.
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    only a matter of time until everything you look at you will ask 'can i put this in beer?' or 'can i make beer in this?' soon you will be coming up with recipes like smoked chipotle porters or banana rye bread hefeweisen... hmm... that sounds interesting to me. a hefe made with a rye/wheat grain bill, fermented hot to make banana esters. welcome to your new obsession.
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    I just thought I'd chime in here on my experience in the past with brewing. It was about 40 years ago (yeah, I'm old) and I knew nothing about brewing. I bought a carboy and some extract and I don't remember what from a newly opened brewer supply store. I did not know a thing about beer brewing, but I knew I liked beer so I gave it a shot. I put all the stuff I bought into that carboy and thought, I'll have some beer in no time! Well, I made about every mistake that any newbie could. I knew nothing about sanitizing or temperature control or just about anything else that the you need to pay attention to. Needless to say after bottling and what I thought was a good amount of conditioning, I refrigerated the bottles and waited till the next day to try my new found hobby. My excited anticipation for a cold beer was instantly dashed upon tasting the absolute worst carbonated horse piss on earth. Gave me the case of the "I can't do this crap" and decided not to do it again. After all this time has passed and the creation of so many micro breweries and all kinds of beer recipes, I thought I'd give it one more shot. This forum has been the absolute best place for information and I really appreciate all you people that are so helpful and encouraging to keep one from giving up. I only wish this was here back when I first tried brewing, I probably wouldn't have quit then and taken so long to return to the craft. Thanks again for everyone's help in keeping it real.
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    Looks like it'll make a tasty beer. I'd go with the Golden Light DME and omit the Booster, but that's just me. Brew that beer!
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    I tried in the UK in the 1960's using HME from Boot's drug store. (Yeah, I am no spring chicken either which is one reason I like 2 gal LBK that I can carry, instead of 5 gal monsters.) Dissolve malt and sugar yeast and wait. I also tried using grain and hops, what a pain. No info about sterilization/sanitation except wash thoroughly. I covered my plastic pail with a tea towel to keep dust out. I got alcoholic beverage for sure. It tasted beerish but not great. I gave one to a neighbor and he walked around his yard for an hour with a colander on his head (don't ask). I tried again in the USA in 1980's. I got some beer but not great again. When I found Mr. Beer 215 brews ago It was so easy and results were good enough that I continued.😀
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    I’m either bottling my beer this weekend or next. I hate bottling. Please let me know if I can save the effort.
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    Well, I stand corrected on my brews at least, I had an odd like off flavor, hard to describe, tasted like a cidery yeast. Sorry not good at describing off flavors. I follow the directions 21 days in the LBK, about as long conditioning in the bottle, and then a few days in the fridge. I have since changed my mind like many others. I might have rushed the whole process. I noticed one I drank today which has been bottled since sometime later August didn't taste half bad, and I was enjoying it instead of just choking it down. I really think after reading the instructions carefully that my beer might have been still fermenting, as the beer had some sweet taste to it when I bottled. So I might not have had off flavors at all, but really just normal quick fermentation jitters, and lack of patience!
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    If I brewed this one again I might skip the booster and partial mash with 4-6 oz. Maris Otter (or 2-row) and a couple oz. of Caramel 60. If you were feeling adventurous, you could even throw in an oz. of roasted malt to get the Irish Red dryness.
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    Rose's Rambling Red. I really like red ales!
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    You could be on to something. HME comes in a can, LME in a plastic jar, dme in a bag. I have never had a twang with LME. Ive never really done a straight up DME batch so i cant speak on that. It definitely is more present in higher fermentation temps in my opinion. But its not so much the fermentation temp as it is in the mash temp in which the HME is made. Extracts are usually made to cover many different styles of beer so they shoot for a mash temp somewhere in the middle of the spectrum so brewers can use them in a wider range of beers. I think coopers mashes at a higher temp than say for example briess. Possibly the hopping of the wort also contributes to this taste. Im going to nerd out for a second here. when you mash between 130-150 you break down the beta amalyse enzymes (more coxplex) which get you a higher ABV and a drier beer but it takes longer. When you mash 154-167 you break down alpha amalyse enzymes. You get lower abv which means a sweeter taste and more body. This is why i usually mash at 152 to hope to get the best of both worlds depending on the style. Im guessing coopers is above 154, im guessing 157-160 for a quicker conversion of the starches into fermentable sugars. Then they boil under vacuum pressure to concentrate the wort for us. That then denatures the enzymes and locks in that wort profile. If you were running a business wouldn’t you do the less costly and time productive way? coopers is a giant in the beer game. They know what they’re doing. I dont doubt the same HME we use is the same wort recipe they use for their beers. I do think the hops play a part in some way. Hops have sugars too. If you dry hop a beer youll get another Little fermentation after and everything that goes along with it. Thats why breweries dry hop and let it sit for awhile cuz youll get things like DMS if you’re not patient.
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    the really funny thing in my opinion about saison yeast is that they seem to be such polite yeast.i never have crazy mad aggressive fermentations with them. they barely make a lot of krausen. it seems they just politely munch and munch and keep munching until your fg is below 1.01 ... and sometimes they keep munching. An old member here advised on my first saison, on the last week crank up the heat to encourage it to have a final pig out before bottling. dont rush to bottle because they will keep munching and BOOM.
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    Strange indeed. It definitely sucks when a regular falls of the face of the earth like that.
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    I will admit my first thought with twang is not CT above but this guy.
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    I tend to condition my beers a long time (sometimes because I forget they are there or I just don't get to them). Three months or more is not unusual. However, I agree with Shrike, two months for this one and let some sit longer until you are ready to drink them.
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    Those are a lot of reasons why I stick with HME. I like doing two gallon batches; five gallons is just too much to work with, bottle, etc. Plus, if I'm not too fond of the final product, I'd rather have two gallons to slog through than five. The darker color doesn't bother me. If it tastes good I'm happy. And as I posted earlier, doing PMs and hop additions can cancel the twang pretty handily. When I had family visit earlier this year they preferred some of the MRB brews we sampled to some of the craft beers we had while eating out. That was a nice little ego boost. And to me, this is a fun hobby. I spend a couple of hours every ten days or so bottling and brewing, and I get tasty beer as a result. When I look at a setup like @Creeps McLane has posted photos of I think "Man, that looks so cool...but it also looks like work." It's what he enjoys doing, but it's not for me; I don't want my fun hobby to become a chore.
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    I just realized that, after all of your amazing help, I never posted my results! The Oktoberfest beer came out absolutely amazing! Way better than I was expecting for my first batch, and I owe much of it to all of your advice. I sanitized the spigot after testing, cold crashed, only chilled what I was going to drink, and each bottle was better than the next. Had a few friends try it and they loved it as well. Best compliment I got was from one friend, who said if he tried it in a restaurant he would order it again! Just bottled my Classic American Light (it came with the Oktoberfest in the kit), and the taste sample had more beer flavor than any typical light beer on the market. Looking forward to this one being ready, and trying to decide which one to do next. Yep - I'm hooked! Many thanks again to all of you.
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    I thought the going rumor is that they got caught up in a beer-shipping sting operation?
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    He went the way of @MrWhy. In other words, who knows???
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