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    i mean, like no kidding....forget the milk, meat, eggs and stuff in the kitchen fridge. I'm not quite two weeks deep into lagering an octoberfest people!
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    We had a power outage for about an hour today in our neighborhood for whatever reason. Does it make me a bad person that my 1st thought was will i have to reset my inkbird controller?
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    Pros: used in the CAL, you'll most likely be able to really pick up on what the brown sugar brings to the table. Cons: if you don't like what it brings to the table you'll still have two gallons of beer to drink. Or just do what I do with the beers I don't like: make beer chili, beer bread, or use them in marinades. 🙂 But if you dump it down the drain, RickBeer will hunt you down without mercy. ☠️☠️ 😊
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    Lol, my first thought would be my beer in the fermenter! I mean that's like some basic survival instinct.
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    Click for drop down menu on your icon name top right, then select Settings/Signature. You can add text or files. Reminds me I have to change that. 😁
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    About 8% ABV is the highest I did Mostly I do 4.5 - 6.5 % i.e. Mr Beer HME + ~ up to 1.5 lb extract equivalent using approx. guide of 0.5 lb per 1% (DME/LME and Booster packs all give slightly different ABV gains.)
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    Slow day at work, so I figured I'd update and post the latest version of the spreadsheet. Only changes are the addition of new recipes MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
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    Ekuanot is nice. I made the Mr B Bindlestick wheat with that. I like the flavor but I can't drink too much of that hoppiness. 1/2 oz is pretty safe.
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    Someone else does do it...……..https://lagunitas.com/beer/brown-shugga But I am sure this was not their first time...… This might help too, with suggestions about what styles it might go with. http://allaboutbeer.com/brewing-with-sugar/ So it really depends how brown and strong tasting your sugar is.
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    OK guys, I surrender!!!! NO brown sugar - I'll find something else to plug into my concoction - see if I can really screw things up!
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    Rather than brown sugar, if I want something different and I don't want to do PM, I add different malt extracts. You want it darker, add some dark DME. You will also get some roasty flavor probably. It depends what it is. I have had good luck with LME too, getting a 1.5 kg tub and adding various amounts. The Special Dark is my favorite. It is very strong so you do not need much but it is good for dark ales and porters. to add more roastiness. But the Trad Dark DME is good too. Here is an enhancement to Winter Dark Ale that I really like. I used the Mr Beer yeast. The added sweetness reduces the bitterness of the HME but not totally. I get choc, caramel and hints of coffee taste in it. For me, it is a good dessert beer I do similar with Mr B Porter, adding a Robust and a Smooth LME pack, also nice. Winter Dark Ale + 8oz Sparkling Amber DME + 5-7 oz Trad Dark DME (What I had left) +1.5 oz Lactose
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    @Big Sarge let’s be about it. No time like the present. No limits to the recipe. Tell me what you want to brew and we can do it. This is what I have on hand. 50 lbs pilsner 40 lbs golden promise 15 lbs munich 6 lbs rye malt 4 lbs black prinz malt 5 lbs aromatic makt 7 lbs whit wheat malt 5 lbs carapils copper 7 lbs vienna 5 lbs crystal 40 Ample hops: Mosaic cluster willamette cascade 3 oz southern cross 3 oz Michigan copper nothing is off the table. I’ll order anything. You name it, I’ll brew it. Or we’ll brew it. Or I’ll send it to you. You choose. We can go back and forth, style, or grain bill, or hops, ABV, ibu. You start
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    well i'm about to try out the Omega yeast packets, and recently got the Gigayeast DIPA packet in for a creative NEIPA experiment!!! Began another saison/brett this next weekend until some a$$hole stole my yeast packet off of my front porch about 30 minutes b4 I got home! but I didn't know it was shipping so soon. I just hope they enjoy the yeast slurry fermenting into their belly!!!! IDIOTS!!!!! LOL! So I just got back an hour ago from my LGBT, uh I mean my LHBS and decided with the White Labs American Farmhouse Ale blend to use in place of the stolen yeast.
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