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    Santa Rita Pale Ale is a favorite of mine (and of everyone I've served it to). At 5.9%ABV, it's not too high octane. I really enjoyed the Calavera. When I made it I used one Ancho chile and thought the chile taste was too subtle. Next time I make it I'm going to use two.
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    I suggest you review the Mr. Beer partial mash recipes and pick ones that are using base refills that you like. A partial mash won't fix a base refill that you don't like.
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    Starting this a little late but next in the barrel is my 1st attempt at making beer with pumpkin stuffings, yeast and various secret fermentables. I'll only be tweaking an existing recipe around the edges so things shouldn't be too weird. ( If I'm gonna invest 2-3 months on making something drinkable, I kinda like to think it should be drinkable). Viva La Pumpkin!
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